Song/Poem cant remember but here it is

Discussion in 'General' started by PIPSI, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. well i cam across a peice of paper that had a song or poem written on it i must have written it last weeked when i was tkin up for all of u guys (by the way i smoked every bowl and blunt that ya'll said too exept sry namyan couldnt do a full bowl in one hit and believe me i tried

    but anyways here is sum song i wrote bout how i hate alchohol and smokin weed is the shit hope this doesnt offend any drinkers out there but its really not my thing at all i hate it


    Who in the club gettin tipsy?
    Who out there gettin drunk?
    Well who gives a damn that shits fucked up
    Who gonan pass the bottle?
    Who gonna drink the wine?
    Who out there even want to when ya could be gettin high?

    So pass the bong, and rip it long
    Take that hit, smokin up that dank shit
    I'm gonna pack the bowl, acheive the goal
    Get blitzed on the chronic, straight hydroponic

    and dont anybody get it twisted
    its sweet Mary Jane that gets me lifted

    And heres a shout out to the city from the pipsi
    Stay high stay fly and keep reachin for the sky

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