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  1. Single file lines born by design
    With a brass ring so deceiving
    Chipped away to a status cult
    Where indifference breeds control
    And then with time comes "toe the line"
    Cherish this pride made numb from feeling
    The we have denial
    "It's all in my head"

    Will we do anything for bread?

    If anything we've ever said
    Means nothing now than it never did
    Believe me
    This isn't what we want
    This isn't what we need
    This is what we can afford

    Where once there was a pat on the back
    Is now just a crack of the whip
    Where once there was a celebrated coming of age
    Is just a uniform that doesn't fit
    Witness this most common breed
    Whittled down to property
    And keep on singin'
    "It's all in my head"

    Celebrate this sorry state
    With anecdotes of what you hate
    And try to take comfort in the fact
    That you're not alone

    This isn't you
    It's just what you do
    Don't mistake the irony of calling it a "living"
    If you feel like no one
    If you feel like nothing
    You've only been taking what they're giving

    - Dillinger Four

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