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    Ok so here is how this one works. I have taken a lot of music classes throughout my schooling and one of my teachers did something very interesting. Our teacher played a song and told us to write down what it made us think of. After, we shared what we wrote and we were amazed to find an astonishing number of similarities. This is the same concept. Simply post a song, and write your personal narration IN WHITE TEXT so that it must be highlighted to be read. Then the next poster writes their own narration and highlights the white text. Then they post a song etc etc. And just to let everyone know instrumental songs work best for this game

    [ame=]YouTube - Warbringer - Nightmare Anatomy[/ame]

    warbringer - nightmare anatomy


    This song reminds me of a squad of explorers venturing into a mysterious forest searching for ancient relics. They slowly move step by step and at about 0:45 in the forest gets much thicker and light begins to fade as the move deeper and deeper in. At 1:30 the squad begins to notice possible signs of old civilizations like writings on trees so they know they must be getting close. Excitement builds with the group as the continue on. Then, at 1:58, an explorer moves two giant leaves out of his way revealing a massive, wondrous, ancient temple unseen by man for thousands of years. They step in and marvel at the massive statues of guards surrounding the giant temple. They are ecstatic and at 2:20 move in through the temple entrance and look inside. Once again a sense of mystery descends upon the group as they explore the long hallways. At 3:12 they open a chamber revealing a burial room filled with mass amounts of treasures and riches. They walk around and look at all the sparkling, ancient items with excitement. At 3:27 the scene slowly fades away with a still image of the glorious chamber.

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    wow, you had a really long narration

    i was confused, so i cheated, and read yours before attempting

    sounds like a cool game
    but idk if i could have gotten something as long as yours from an instrumental song, you have a great imagination

    btw, i liked that song alot, im gonna look up this band, they seem pretty talented from that one song

    the drummer seems pretty bad-ass, not too into the guitarist(he seems okay, but im not into that kind of playing), and the singer sucks(as with most heavy metal bands)
    do you know if they speed up their songs(also like alot of heavy metal bands), or is the drummer really playing that fast?
  3. honestly it need not be all instrumental. It just makes it easier to not be influence by their lyrics. But songs with lyrics definitely work as well.
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    well there's no way mine would have been that long, or as detailed as yours, especially since i didnt quite understand the concept

    and you might want to clarify, i believe i understood this correctly, but it will prolly confuse other ppl

    after you listen to the song
    type out your concept of the song above your post in black text
    than post your own music video
    than post your narration to YOUR music video in white text

    all in the same post tho

    and after you post, you can highlight the posters white text above yours, and see how similiar yours was to theirs
    DONT hightlight their text before you type your own narration
  5. Correct! Now then, Let's get more songs to narrate in this thread!
  6. [ame=]YouTube - Madness[/ame]

    Cheshyre AKA Sean Hodges - madness

    This starts out with a Building that must be assaulted. The song starts by introducing the three characters. The first is the badass type wearing a tank-top, jeans, and carrying two pistols with a blunt in his mouth. The second character, the Ninja with dual ninjatou and a m4 flashes across the screen after the first. Then the villian, A grizzly bearded man bearing a castro hat is shown standing in the middle of his great building (church-like structure inside - big open room with catwalks on the perimeters with great windows). At 0:23 the ninja with his squad of minions drop on the outside of each window, ready to strike. Then at 0:29 seconds the badass kicks the two main doors in and the villain turns and mouths "shit." At 0:35, BOOM! the windows smash in as the ninja and his men fly in killing off the villains body guards. The badass runs in a hail of gunfire picking off bad guys and mass fighting ensues. At 0:57 the two heroes run toward the villain as they watch him fall through a trap door into a slide to some other room. The door shuts behind the villain and the heroes tear off into other chambers to catch the man. The heroes at 1:09 run through a series of rooms as the villain slides onward to his escape room. The villain appears as if he will escape as he lands into another room at 1:26 with a smile only to look up to two men pointing guns and a sword at his face. He has been caught

    Honestly guys. The narration may be simple as i see an epic battle between two guys in a field.
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    it starts with two trees that have faces on them, in the beginning, they are just bouncing around back and forth to the wind at about 0:25 they start to see loggers coming at them with saws in their hands

    at 0:28 the loggers start sawing at the trees
    the trees are crying now 0:38
    and the loggers continue chopping, at 1:02 the trees start to fall

    at 1:18 you can hear the trees weeping as the loggers haul them into the trucks
    the loggers are driving away through the rest of the song

    [ame=""]YouTube - John Butler Trio - Ocean[/ame]

    so from :30 to :56 you see ocean creatures 1 dolphin, 1 whale, 1 turtle, and a goat(why the fuck not)
    at 1:00 in the 4 creatures start heading further out to ocean(the goat on the turtles back)
    at 1:35 they start to realize that the goat cant go too far with them
    at 1:45 they say "fuck it"
    and at 1:51 they start racing to the island they are headed too
    at 2:21 the goat falls off
    at 2:30 noone cares and the goat drowns
    at 3:02 the race becomes neck to elbow(i realize none of the remaining animals have elbows, just play along douche)
    the race is sooo close at 3:45 that when they finally get to the island at 4:24 they cant tell who won and they all hop out of the water and enjoy a wonderful cup of tea
    at 5:13 the goat walks out from the forest on the island and was surprisingly never dead at all
    everyone gets excited and the goat joins them for tea
  8. At first what i see is a group of people in a field of green grass and flowers. A really wide field and they walk through it slowly. At 1:00 a group of deer appear in the distance and the group looks at it with excitement. The deer continue to frolic and play as bunnies and birds appear and circle the scene. At 1:51 the deer start to run and the bunnies and birds sing and dance. The people join suit as, it gets weird here, they start river dancing as birds fly around them. Its a joyous and fun filled scene. The dancing gets more and more intense. Faster and faster they dance until 3:20 it reaches a peak and calms down to a less intense dance which once again builds until 3:42 and they break out and run together across the grassy field. They have no paticular place to go. They are just running in joy and singing. They travel down vast hills and reach the bottom at 4:24 where they see a family of deer with a mother who is caring for her little fawn. The fawn is sleeping and the group quietly watches. The fawn wakes up and sees the group looking at it. It smiles and gets up and starts to dance with everyone else. The scene zooms out showing the group dancing in a great circle and they all stop and strike a pose at the end.
  9. Hahaha YES! we both had animals and running as common themes!

    [ame=]YouTube - Quick Bang: An Original Instrumental Performed By Aaron B Cohen[/ame]

    OK old school style cartoon music haha

    I see a classroom with a teacher teaching the class something like math and everything is going swimmingly. But then at 13 seconds the teacher announces a pop quiz! OH NO. Nobody has prepared and they're freaking out. At 24 seconds the quiz begins and each student works really hard. Its a hard quiz and it takes a lot of thought but after a while the kids seems to get it until 58 seconds a hard question comes. The student panics but then gets their bearings and finishes the question and turns in their quiz at the end of the song

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