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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. what song lyrics best describe you?
    not the title or anything but what lyricss from any song describe you?

    i'd say for me:
    "that boy needs theorpy"

  2. drunk by noon but thats okay, Ill be presidnt someday!
  3. I wish I were like you.. so easily amused.
  4. I get stoned in the morning
    And I get drunk the afternoon
    I'm kinda like my old blue tick hound
    I like to lay around in the shade
    And I ain't got no money
    but I damn sure got it made
  5. it doesn't really describe me but i just like it and this is an appropriate forum for it

    "roll a man a joint and he'll smoke for a night
    teach a man to roll and he'll smoke for life!"
  6. ok well this whole song describes me, so if u wanna hear the rest, download it... its by Necro and its called "I Need Drugs"

    when i come home from work i'm fiendin for an 8ball
    i got crack on my mind i'm hearin cocaine call
    tellin me to beat the dealer to deliver stuff
    keep it a secret from my wife cuz she thinks i dont use drugs
    there i was bleedin from my nose and damn
    i couldnt breathe but i'm still thinkin about the next gram
    its friday night, i'm not tryin to leave my crib dude
    i'll kill myself while the dealers eatin japanese food
    i aint got no problem bout buyin this shit
    i'm lyin to myself tellin the runner i'm tryin to quit
    its all make believe i'll pretend that i'm true
    and when u give me credit i'll dodge you every chance that i get to
    even if its good ill sniff it up in a minute
    leave then comeback and complain that u put to much cut in it
    if u fall for that, and bring me a new sack
    i'll be makin more crazy faces than jim carey on crack
    cuz yo i'm ripped, i owe you lute, plus i annoy you
    i deserve to be murdered but the coke is doin it for u
    i got nerve, can you put them pills on my bill
    ay yo i'll tell u were friends and yo we dont even chill
    i need drugs.....

    go download the song or even better support Necro and just buy the album.

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