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  1. Ok lets play a game...

    Song lyrics, choruses, I say one line of it, the next person to post posts the next line and a line to a song they wanna play with. It continues...

    "Bump, bump bump, that's the sound of the 15's while they hittin' in my trunk...
  2. bump bump bump, were the kottonmouth kings, and we dont give a little brother loves kmk, and i heard this song alot today

    For the case to race with a chance to face the judge
    And I betcha my soul won't budge
  3. And i'm guessing my soul won't budge, grudge, because there's no mercy for thugs, ooh what can I do? it's all about our family and how we roll!
    Can I get a witness let it unfold, we living our lives to eternal our soul ayo ayo!!!

    gr8 track bro

    "hustler, bad motherucker, brooklyn to the rucker, cali and back, court cases pendin, all the blood drug money spendin, ferrari engines keep ya whole fuckin block tremblin, im what *****s wanna be, a straight G, whore bitches wanna suck n fuck fo free......"
  4. i love that bone song

    as for the that song, my little bro said it was shyne thats so gangsta

    I'm Alpo, before you snitch dog
    I switch lines and rhymes faster than I switch cars
    Ghetto star, name ring in every hood
    Heartless villain, money driven killin
    and bury my opposition, for a pot to piss in
    Knickerbock position, listen

    my lyrics are

    You gotta deal with this cause there's no way out,
    Why? Cash money ain't never gonna play out.
    I got nothin to lose, much to gain,
    In my brain, I got a capitalist migraine.
    I gotta get paid tonight, you muthafuckin right.

    this song is pretty old, but i dont listen to new hip hop/rap...
  5. I don't wanna - run no more, but I know that if I stop
    I'll be another ***** headed to heaven, hangin with 'Pac
    These motherfuckers look at me like I'm a slanger
    Makin threats to my family, dawg I'm in danger
    Who do you call when these agents want you dead
    and they hit these penetentiaries and *****s make a pledge
    So I dip and duck the feds, all my homies duck out on indictments
    Caught up on the phone, talkin prices (hello)
    25-to-life's the mandatory minimal
    My whole community gets treated like they criminals
    Why are them bitches gettin' motherfuckers hung
    Got a C.I. on the inside and everybody's sung
    Mothers and fathers seperated from they sons
    Households are broken, you couldn't hold your tongue
    If it's yours, say it's yours, take the case, do your time
    When you was out here gettin' money from it everything was fine
    Now you cryin' in your jail cell, stressin' on the case
    And the D.A. is at a ***** every other day
    I can see it in your face, in the middle of your soul
    You in question of your manhood homey - keep the code

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