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  1. ok.. when i listen to a song.. or anyone for that matter.. you have to think.. what do they really mean?

    pour example: van morrison's crazy love.. i listen to the song all the time.. and it just recently occured to me.. maybe it's not about a girl.. i mean, some one's are just blantley obvious.. like tom petty.. last dance with mary jane.. we all know it's not about a girl named mary jane that he wanted to dance with one more time.. anywho.. back to van morrison... and one's that aren't so obvious.. in the song 'crazy love'.. morrison says:

    And when I'm returning from so far away
    She gives me some sweet lovin' brighten up my day
    Yes it makes me righteous, yes it makes me feel whole
    Yes it makes me mellow down in to my soul
    she gives me love, love, love, crazy love..(3x)

    uh huh..

    how can we be sure thats about a girl.. that he misses.. maybe it's a girl, named mary jane, and mary jane symbolizes marijuana..

    or maybe i'm just insane. anyway.. if anyone else thinks they know what a song means, i'd love to hear about it.. or if you think i'm insane.. that works too..

    i miss human interaction :(..
  2. When i get whacked sometimes i put on a cd and sing the songs..
    sometimes i close my eyes and imagine i am singing to an audience and i am on a big stage and my notes are sound ripples. Sometimes when i open my eyes i am there.

    Othertimes i imagine i am singing a song to someone or planning out the bands filmclip and what it will be about.
    I create what i imagine it to be.

    For example

    Sometimes i sing Holiday in Spain by Counting Crows and i imagine i am singing to my girlfriend on a big stage. Sometimes i even imagine she has died and i am singing the song in a sad sortof tribute to her to a big stage.

    anyone else to this or am i the only one blessed with this gift?

    And the blood of the wicked will be spilt until it rains from the sky..
    The Saints exist.
    We are watching..
  3. On one level of course a girl can provide crazy love. And on another level 'girl', 'she', and the like have been used symbolically in lyric and literature throughout history to portray, say "America' or 'Wisdom'.
    Now, I've not heard that particular morrison song but I would venture to guess it's not about a woman. Just a thought...

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