Son Turns Dad in for Growing Pot

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  1. By Bruce Rommel, Journal Reporter
    Source: Eastside Journal

    A single father of three was jailed after his teen-age son called 911 and reported marijuana plants were being grown in the family's home.
    A Covington police officer and a King County sheriff's deputy arrived at the home about 8:20 p.m. Tuesday, barely 10 minutes after the call was made. They immediately recognized the smell of marijuana wafting from the home in the 16800 block of Southeast 254th Place.

    While officers were waiting for a search warrant, the father, 38, drove up to the home shortly after 9 p.m. and was arrested without incident.

    Marijuana apparently had been grown in the home for some time. Investigators aren't sure why the son decided to call police, said Sgt. Greg Dymerski, a Sheriff's Office spokesman.

    ``We really don't know what precipitated this, other than he wanted to do the right thing,'' Dymerski said.

    Besides the son, 17, a 15-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son also lived there. They spent the night with ``responsible adults,'' Dymerski said.

    The father was booked for investigation of violating state drug laws, pending further investigation and filing of charges.

    Inside the house, officers found a ``hidden room'' in the garage where numerous marijuana plants were being grown, including some ``mature, producing plants,'' Dymerski said.

    Officers also seized as evidence some dried and ``packaged'' marijuana and drug paraphernalia. They also found three loaded guns, a rifle and two handguns, Dymerski said.

    A woman who lives in the neighborhood said she has ``an idea who it is,'' but said it could be one of several of nearby residents in what seems to be a quiet and well kept neighborhood.

    ``I think the kid did the right thing,'' neighbor Conrad Rinehart said last night. ``If somebody is growing marijuana in this neighborhood, I'm glad the kid told police.''

    ``We need to keep that drug crap out of the neighborhood,'' Rinehart said.

    Journal Reporter Jamie Swift contributed to this story.

    Complete Title: Son Turns Dad in for Growing Pot - Police Find Hidden Room With Numerous Plants

    Source: Eastside Journal (WA)
    Author: Bruce Rommel, Journal Reporter
    Published: May 9, 2002
    Copyright: 2002 Horvitz Newspapers, Inc.
  2. Just sad. It appears the propaganda war our Govt. is waging has claimed another victory.
  3. How do you think the kid is going to feel when his dad doesn't get out of jail and all three are sent to foster homes.
    What a dumbass.
    people dont think about the long time effects of their actions.
  4. I find it hard to believe that he never considered what would happen if he did get caught.

    I think the prohibition on marijuana is the craziest thing that's ever been implemented in this country. I am all for lifting the prohibition and making it all legal. The fact is, though, that it's still illegal. I think that if you are single with no family and no one but yourself to hurt if you are busted-then, by all means grow. Please, grow!!! But if you have children, maybe even a spouse-other people that this would affect if you were busted-then, please, don't grow. The government is quick to take kids out of their homes and the children end up lost in a horrible system that only cares about paperwork and numbers.
  5. A 17 year old knows what will happen. I say that dad must have punished the boy for something serious and the child retaliated by calling the cops.

    Or maybe the pot was his and he was going to get back at his dad for something. You really never know unless you are there.

    Another sad political BS deal!
  6. Not at all new........

    "Hitler Youth" used to turn their parents and other relatives into the SS for collaborating with the Jews ,

    back in a time ,

    that people seem to have all to quickly forgotten..

    And that is the truth.
  7. well this is retarded. For people to do to such romanesk "son kills father for mother love and kigndom"... If there is some revenge shit going on... thats sad in the first. THEN, if the kid was jus that damned STUPID. Along with the implemented law for legalization of weed and banning of ciggs.. there should be some law against supreme jackassery. Im not talking funny jackassery. Im talking grade a "I don't kno my dads going sent off for 20 year and might slaughter me when released".....

    finally, whatever happened to like father like son. Jesus! i mean it's the family buisiness clearly!

    PS- they're not the kids plants, cuz a- the dad woulda noticed the SUPREME ODOR OF DOPE, and they're gonna take all his pot! no man wants this. in closing

    You call weed a drug cuz it's affects are short lived and may slowly crush you. Sadly your lies, lies to you and others, do far more damage that you may never comprehend. Yet lying is legal.
    Jizzy On ya tizzy,lizzy,and chizzy Ay
  8. Sad thing to read, Its not right that his own son turned on him like that but then again we don't know what kind of man he was. Its funny how the police arrived so must of been the smell of weed that drove them to the house so fast :)

  9. I just don't know what to say, if my dad grew weed I would consider it awesome, I would steal shitloads from him just like I used to steal his liquor.
  10. Im not surpised it happened in covington. That place fulfills the white soccer mom suburb stereotype.

  11. I lol'd at this. "yo guys lets grab this for later- i mean evidence...."
  12. You guys act like he did the wrong thing for sure. What if his dad was some no good asshole father that treated his kids terrible and deserved to be caught.

    His kids 17, if he was a good father I don't think his own kid woulda turned him in.

    Did you read it, he had 3 loaded guns in his house!! Those little kids could have shot someone. Why do people keep guns loaded?! I have guns, but they aren't loaded. Seems shady.
  13. Thought the most hilarious part was when the kid dialed 911 because somehow he never realized that weed was being grown right under his nose.

  14. Why do you keep loaded guns? Really? Because if somebody else is determined enough to fuckin rob you, they probably have bullets too. Try and pull out an empty gun to defend yourself. What happens when they pull out a gun thats loaded, going to wish you had at least one in the chamber. Worlds been fucked up.
  15. His dad probably did something to piss him off and this was his way of getting back. Many 17 year olds are still naive this boy made this action without fully understanding the result.

    He now has to move to a responsible family member or go to a foster home. I'm not an advocate for beating your child but I sure as hell would get some lashes into my son if for whatever reason I found myself in this situation. Shit like this would only happen in this day and age......

  16. Are you being sarcastic? About the load guns?
  17. wow, i live in king county (seattle area).

    so many dumb people floating around this country.


  18. that was a great "speech" umm yeah.
  19. lammeee.. why tell?!

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