Son of Senator Rand Paul Arrested

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  1. I wonder how an "under aged" adult got alcohol illegally (in an airport no less).
  2. Kentucky and their politicians are so fucked up. Obviously their kids are too.

  3. He probably asked for it and someone probably gave it to him. I'm sure whoever served him will be handled appropriately (if he were served on the plane, then it will be easy enough to figure out which flight attendant served him).

    I'm sure he's aware of the minimum drinking age, so isn't he ultimately responsible for what he puts in his mouth?

    Anyway.... I'll file this story under BFD. 19 year olds do stupid shit.

  4. There's nothing wrong with Kentucky. Politicians are fucked up universally.
  5. While I'll agree they are fucked up universally, I'll continue to disagree about the State of Kentucky. I've lived there most of my life, I know how dysfunctional that state is.

  6. Are you sure it's the entire state that is dysfunctional? Are you sure that everyone else is the problem?
  7. He is not wrong. It took Ky 20yrs to paint a bridge. It took 40+ yrs TO GET STARTED on another much needed bridge!
    I believe Sam Clemons said when the end of the world happened he wanted to be in Kentucky because it would 20 years later to hit there!
  8. The state sponsored and gave money to the Kentucky Creation Museum which has Adam and Eve riding on dinosaurs and preaches that the earth is only 5000 years old. They are also sponsoring a Noah's Ark theme park in the state. They have "dry" counties. They don't allow casino gambling, but allow betting on horse racing. They can't maintain a budget. Half the state legislative branch is so racist they still think the War between the States is going on. Ok, I overexaggerated that last one a bit, but it's not completely untrue. The state is fucked up and what lightnup said is right about that Mark Twain comment. In fact much of the state is exactly the way it was in Twain's day. :(
  9. :laughing:

    that's so fucked up..
  10. It is ridiculous that you cannot drink until you are 21 in the US.
    Where i am you can booze away once you hit 18.

  11. Sounds like alcohol should be mandatory in a state like that.
  12. First of all let me start off by saying I in no way support Rand Paul or his neocon actions. But let's think of it this way, would there really be a news story on this? Is this kid supposed to be a goody two shoes because hid dad's in a position of power? As the saying goes kids will be kids.
  13. This is Ron Paul's grandson, WTF.
  14. So...?

    My grandfather was a police officer, should I enforce the law too?
  15. Thank God he was drinking alcohol instead of doing something terrible(and illegal) like smoking weed!
  16. Stupid question lol but is there a rand Paul and Ron Paul? Haha. Like 2 different people?
  17. lol. Rand Paul is Ron Paul's son.
  18. Ohhh hahaha
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    Shut the fuck up Lenny, I was surprised the two are related, because this dudes grandfather could make a great president and yet he might be some shit head who deserves to be arrested.

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