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Discussion in 'General' started by RyRyToughGuy, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Just got charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and have an appearance ticket for Tuesday. I didn't even have any on me I just knew it was in the car... fucking shit... could be a lot worse though I guess
  2. I Do not understand how they caught you, if only you knew it was in the car
  3. Well I had to tell them I knew it was in the car because the other two people I was with confessed. So the cops knew I was well aware of it being in the car.
  4. did they search your car and physically take the evidence? or did they write a ticket and leave you with your admitted stash
  5. I didn't personally have anything. But there was a whole bunch of shit in the car
  6. well sorry you got busted man
    I still don't know how lol, but least your not in cuffs
  7. And yes they found everything that was in the car I believe
  8. Well we got pulled over cause my buddy. Being a dumb ass. Got stoned and was driving all over the road. And the entire car wreaked so the cop knew something was up
  9. lol , yeah thats a way to get busted

    gotta drive cool man
  10. So in your opinion what do you thinks gonna happen? If I had to go to drug counseling, that would really sucks balls. I'm hoping to get let off with acd or something
  11. First charge with paraphernalia or small amount = probation maybe and or rehab/counseling?

    Second charge= No idea, but any worse then that would suck :eek:
  12. I'm thinking they just put you on papers
  13. Thats what im thinking too, what kind of city do you live in? are the laws strict? hows the judge? etc?
  14. what state do you live in? Also, how many grams did they find? Any paraphernalia?

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