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Son of a bitch.....

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by chachie, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Ok all so I did search and got my answer but now just need to vent...this piece is 5 days old...

    So today I got home from work. Put new water in it, and started to drag...then it felt like the resistance just went away so I looked at it and found this:

    Already called my LHS and explained the situation and I have to go talk to the manager tmw. Hopefully that will go well. Thanks for listening GC!!!! :thumbsup:

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  2. I'm confused what exactly happened, what's the white inside the perc in the 2nd pic?
  3. So i filled it with fresh water and packed the bowl and started to pull on it and as i was about to clear it i heard a pop and heard the water drain into the base. And the white stuff is the peroxycarb foaming (cleaning).
  4. crazy man, I'm sorry
  5. My LHS is usually pretty chill so we'll see what happens. Im thinking maybe temperature differential at a weak spot?
  6. Not a clue man that's a serious faulty theee
  7. just looks like weak glass broke, it happens. hopefully your lhs will understand
  8. tell your lhs you want some real Boro glass next time
  9. If headshops were in the habit of helping out everyone who broke their china trees, they wouldnt be in business. Hopefully they do something, but i wouldnt expect much.

  10. If head shops around here didn't stand behind their products they wouldn't be in business. Why frequent a place that did not?
  11. You have a very respectable shop then. Any shop selling cheap china glass would be insane to stand behind their product. Its like buying a 500$ honda off craigslist..if the engines gives out right after you bought it, do you expect the seller to refund you? It was purchased, taken home, and somehow broken. I know a lot of stoners would love to have a shop that switched out broken glass :rolleyes:
  12. i gotta agree with AfganiKush.

    you buy some no-name glass.
    you get what you pay for.
    that bong is obviously not high quality.
    the neck is hideous....

    if youve smoked out of it, good luck.
    they wont let you bring it back in with any resin in it.
    thatll be their excuse to not help most likely.
  13. Well I can tell you that there is not a spec of resin on any of the three pieces. The stuff I clean with is amazing.

  14. Most of the local shops sell cheap China glass. With a pipe like the OP had and the type of breakage he had it would be no problem.

    Repeat business is where it is at. Customer service brings customers back. That is why I always shop at one particular shop.
  15. That $500 Honda would out last a $5000 domestic by years. Just saying...
  16. Not necessarily. That 500 honda is 500 for a reason. Bad rings, bad seals ect ect. Just like the op's bong.
  17. No, no it wouldn't.
  18. Agreed!

    Domestics are way better than they used to be.
  19. Thank you, that other post I quoted is literally offensive, he should be stoned.

  20. wah wah wah

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