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Son Of A Bitch Owwww!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Mar 7, 2003.


    im actually kinda scared..ive been a lil sick for the past few im kinda hoping its just a lil earache and not some big problem...i stuck my finger off in there and there was a lil drainage..and when i pulled it out there was some suction and it started hurting even more...i hope i didnt fuck my ear up..and on top of that we dont have any advil or tylenol or anything....i think i might go to the dr
  2. I had cancer in my ear when I was there's a chunk missing out of my left ear where they cut the tumor out....hope you don't have that
  3. ...thank you hempress....
  4. anything to help

    ::earache go away karma::
  5. *flops around*
  6. i have a dr's appointment 145..yayy..hope im not deaf for the rest of my life...hope he can fix it...instantly...with some zen type shit...or..he can just maybe...give me a rx for mj:D:D:D:D
  7. Ear aches suck, dude!

    You probably have an inner ear infection though. (Keep your finger outta there!)

    Ear and tooth aches have to be the worst.

    Hope you get well soon!

    Another thing that sucks, I don't think there is a pain medicine that will take care of the pain. I bet you just get antibiotics and a pat on the shoulder.

    A heat pad used to help me. It's been a LONG time for me.

    And make sure you take all of your medicine, or it could come back with resistance to the antibiotic you took for it.
  8. well..the thing that worries me is that i cant hear out of it

  9. If you would pull your hed out of your ass every now and then it wouldn't get infected. :D LOL

    just kidding, just kidding,

    I'm real sorry your ear hurts, is your balance off yet?
  10. LMAO, BPP!

    It must be bad if you can't hear out of it.

    Still probably is an infection. If you have pressure against the back of your eardrum it won't be able to vibrate as well.

    If you have an inner ear infection, then the nerve endings that register the sound might be under pressure.

    OUCH and it makes them not hear right.
  11. yes, it hurts...alot..alot..alot..

    and thanks for your condolences my balance isnt off yet.

  12. well while that would be funny..I hope doc can do the snap of the fingers thing and make a big mj plant appear in front of you, and you have to smoke it all so your earache will go away!
  13. my 8 year old sister decided to cut my hair once when i was like 3..

    lets just say theres a lil bit of my ear missing aswell nothin noticable tho :p
  14. I used to get these horrible ear infections all the time when I was young (apparently I have small ustation tubes, the tubes that connect your sinuses to your ear canals or something). It was horrible, about once every two months I would randomly get this pain in one (or both) of my ears that would make me fall to the ground and start crying randomly. That wasn't fun, especially since everyone thought I was a bit of a spaz because of it (randomly falling down and screaming THE PAIN!!! THE PAAAAIIINNNN!!! will do that).
    I can tell you though that sometimes I couldn't hear out of the ear that hurt a lot, so that's not a sure fire sign that you have head cancer or an alien parasite or something. I do know how much that hurts though so I can vouch for Namron and say that he's not exxagerating, that shit hurts.
  15. well, i just got back, i have a severe sinus infection (weird because they arent bothering me as much as they have when ive had a mild sinus infection, as a matter of fact they arent really bothering me at all) and its spread to my eustacian tubes and they are swollen, creating a vaccuum on my ear drum, sucking in towards my brain.

    now i have lotsa pills

  16. You have a brain??? No wonder it hurts, it got such a long way to go sucking towards your brain

    And who says miracles don't happen everyday! :D
  17. Good! I'm glad you're ok :D
  18. ear infections suck....i have a bad history of them in my left ear, i have 75% hearing in it :/
  19. i feel like i have 25% hearing in my right ear right sucks to listen too right now
  20. i haven't been able to hear out of my left ear for about a month now, but i got used to it after about a week. i dont plane on going to the dr unless it starts to hurt because were kinda poor right now. but yeah ill bet it has somthing to do with the fact that i have some tube thats too small or somthing, they were supposed to put a little piece of plastic that looks like an "O" in my ear but they didn't for some reason.... hmmmm

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