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Son of a Bi***

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nomotivation, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Last night me and a buddy and his brother lit up a nice blunt in my garage. I woke up this morning on the couch and stumbled up to bed... Then I realized holy fuck I left the bud on the table... I go downstairs and look around everywhere, nothing. So I open the fridge to get milk for coffee and my dad comes in and goes ,"Looking for something?"
  2. "yeah my fucking weed. I got so stoned and passed out, have you seen it?"
  3. Yea dad that's my oregano for my pizza.... From Thailand. Very expensive, may I have it back please?
  4. If I only had the balls to say that to my dad

  5. so.... what happened? kinda a cliffhanger bro
  6. is that urgot from LoL? My dad is one of those guys who will kill you with kindness so he won't say anything besides that. He just takes my jar and hides it... and maybe smokes it?

  7. haha yeah it is. he's such a shit character but I can't stop playing as him :p

    but yeah as long as he's not a huge douche about it I guess it's all good
  8. fucking sucks bro, down an eighth
  9. "Yeah and you know what dad, if I don't get it back by noon you're gonna be looking for the hospital"
  10. #10 GanjaHaze, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2011
    tell him your an addict and you will suck his dick to get it back...maybe he will feel bad for you and have some sympathy on you

  11. could be worse. when I got caught back in highschool I almost got kicked out, then I pointed out I'd been smoking all senior year and graduated with a 3.5 so they shut up real fast lol
  12. Tell him it's not yours and some black guy named Tayo. Is coming to look for it very soon. You have to sell how freaked out you are.
  13. Thank god I have money YES
  14. #14 S0UR, Aug 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    "You know I am."
  15. Kill yourself and blame him
  16. go reup and ride the nimbus cloud like goku
  17. Steal it back maybe?
  18. tell him. "oh how i could just kill a man." and give him a serious look. maybe even clench your fists.
    he will realize his son is a addict and give it back
    or he will just beat the shit out of you
    either one
  19. Here's the deal, if I have kids in h.s. and I find their weed you better believe I'm taking it. I'm okay with weed, but the shit is illegal, I'm not down for my kids being openly publicly and non chalant about being criminals (lol) and it teaches them to cover their ass, cover their tracks, not be irresponsible, and to be more careful as to not get caught by someone more serious, like a cop or their principal. Will I smoke it when they're gone? there is a strong possibility, just depends where I am in life.
  20. ... and quality ;)

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