Son Of A B!tch!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D-Loc420, Jul 17, 2002.

  1. Man i'm so fucking worried i might get fired tommarrow and it will really sux ass. The manager told me tonight when we closed that he needed to talk to me and he said he watched the tape from saturday night (we got cameras at work) and saw me and this girl kissing that i hooked up with and he was pissed, he said it was strick #2 and if i get one more i'm gone and (I also took sum food out to my friend today before he told me all this and he didn't pay for it plus he took tonights tape home too!) that really sux cuz then i got to go out and find another job which they are limited in my small ass town and i'm always needing herbage money, GODDAMN!!! thank god i'm about to go get sum bud to make me forget about this whole shit. well, c-Yaz

    PEACE OUT!!!

    p.s.-sorry for the language i'm just really pissed

  2. Critter is a very wise man! Take his advise D-Loc!
  3. Well must not have fucked up to bad cuz i still got my job which is a relief. c-Yaz

    PEACE OUT!!!

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