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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by dragoon990, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. man, ive heard SOO much about this wonder lamp, and all of it good! its supposed to make plants come out short and bushy, with LOADS of buds and leafs.. and its an HPS light(which everyone seems to think is better than MH and DEFINITELY better than flourescent), the son agro 430 has a 30 watt blue light in it or something?? its supposed to increase light from the blue spectrum by 30%.. now, isnt blue light good for making the plant grow bigger vertically?(hence putting less energy into bud and leaf production) and thats not the name of the game... wouldnt blue light hinder a plants yeild and not help it?
  2. Son Agro and Hortilux bulbs have an increase in the blue region of the spectrum for a better overall grow. They can be used from start to finish.
  3. As far as I know you're absolutely right about blue light making the plant grow "up" more. The specturm of metal halide is generally considered better for vegetative growth becuase of it's white/blue spectrum, while HPS is better for flowering becuase of it's yellow/red spectrum. HPS is also more efficient overall than a MH light. So by adding 30 watts of blue light into the Son Agro, they make HPS better for vegetative. This way you can go with one light for the whole grow and get the same results as going with a MH for veg and a HPS for flower.
  4. alright, sounds good to me! thanks for your help, that pretty much cleared things up for me.. now the only question is wheter to get one or two lamps...

    i am going to be growing 10 mazar plants in a 4ft by 2ft grow area, and the walls are covered with mylar, im able to pick up a 430 watt son agro HID lamp for 150$Cdn... i dont know whether or not i need one or two lamps, from what ive read, the more light the better, but i am wary of temperature and overheating problems, as well as having "too much" light in that small space. could you help me out with this one? what would be better for my grow area, 1 or 2? thx,

    PecE OuT
  5. Just the one 400watt will do for that space.
    good luck
  6. thx mcurry! ;)

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