somone used my bong as a spitter.

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  1. i was at a party last night and everyones keys were taken so noone could drive so there were like 20 people there and I left my double perc down stairs and it's like 2 1/2 feet, i wake up this morning my helio perc is full of fucking chew and chew spit, and my diffused downstem and custom bowl were gone. but noone knew shit about it, im just kinda pissed. i mean i have a bubbler that's diffused and i can use it's downstem and bowl for my bong, but i loaned em my bong while i went upstairs to smoke and drink with a smaller group of peeps. ridiculous. i'm more dissapointed because i know like everyone here pretty well. i mean it's $30 and i have to clean my bong which i would've done anyway. but cups were everywhere somone was purposely being a dick.
  2. Buy some grunge off... Will clean and sanitize that shit!
  3. wow bunch of asses
  4. fuck some people man
  5. I'm sure you'll probably be able to find out who it was. If there were a bunch of people downstairs, and you know all of them, try talking to the ones who are your biggest friends.

    I can almost guarantee that the person that used your bong as a spitter also stole your shit - it only takes one douchebag to ruin a party.
  6. Punch whoever did that in the mother fucking throat.
    I would never leave my shit out during a party though.
  7. It was probably some drunk asshole who hates smoking, fuck em
  8. Smoke with the chew spit in there
  9. Be a man.

    Finger print that shit, track em down and kill em.

    Then drop em off at their mom's house with a note, "Try again."
  10. That why we go to parties, and never host them ;)
  11. Haha he used your bong as a spitter thats gross man cut off his head and shit down his neck!

    EDIT: to all who saw the previous post I went to the wrong tab hahaha :D
  12. Don't bring shit like that to parties, you're lucky it didn't get broken.
  13. Yeah bringing a bong to a party is a terrible idea. Some friends of mine did that once, and then a knife fight broke out so they had to dip quick or else get killed and couldn't find the bong for like 3 days. Turns out a friend had it but damn... why risk that. Only bong I'd bring anywhere is a shit acrylic.
  14. Dude.. You should keep the dip in there, find the hick that was spitting in your bong, and proceed to smash it over his head..
  15. That's why you dont leave your shit around at parties, you're lucky the whole fucking bong wasn't gone.
  16. Well that would be easy for me to find out, I hardly know anyone who chews. That should narrow it down quite a bit.
  17. Doesn't matter had sex
  18. oh man if that happened to me there would be blood on the ceiling...

    i would remove someone's arm with a steel dildo and fedex it back to them...

    i would... fuck, what do you follow up with that?
  19. that sucks man if you knew most of the people there hopefully you can figure out who was chewing by asking around but maybe not since it was probably someone you don't know or else why the fuck would they do that.... unless you fucked them over before

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