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somone please help!!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by cost9130, May 25, 2009.

  1. hey i just wanted to know if anyone knows a way i can make a peice pipe i can ghost inhale
  2. Lot what exactly do you mean? Do you mean a peace pipe?
  3. well i cant really go out and buy a peice pipe so i wanted to make a homemade one that i can ghost inhale with... cause u cant do that with the foil and bottle ones
  4. whats a ghost inhale?
  5. Ghost inhale?
  6. do you mean ghost hit? you can do that with any piece

  7. I think he mean ghost/mushroom, its when you lightly let out some smoke through your mouth and inhale it back it, like the dude from pineapple express did.

    Or maybe he means a french inhale??

    Wait, why can't you just go buy yourself a cheap 5-10 dollar spoon or something?
  8. Just smoke out of an apple if you don't have a pipe. Sure it's not great but it's a damn sight better for you than foil and plastic lol. You should be able to do any trick you like with that. BTW a ghost hit is when you hold the smoke for so long, that when you exhale, nothing comes out. I'm pretty sure that's not what you mean.
  9. Cost, not to be mean, but you are being really unspecific. Add some details of what you're talking about and you'll get better help.
  10. weedski is right, its when u take a hit and hold it in for a longer period of time so when exhaled there is either no smoke or a light mist, kind of resembling the stereotypical ghost
  11. or ghost inhale like seth rogan?

    peace pipe? or piece? you can do that with any smoking device, just don't smoke as much and hold it in as long as you can.

    careful though, holding unfiltered smoke is very bad for your lungs
  12. ha he sounds like he wants to be cool. your already cool man! you smoke weed! WEED=COOOL (Given that you're at a fairly stable job with a moderate salary where using marijuana is no financial burden, have gotten a master's degree in college, you call your intermediate family daily, and teach your children how bad weed is so you can fuck with them when they're 18 and say "fuck it im a pothead" and then you wanna know whats funny? your children will watch you slowly wither and wither until the only thing you have left is a fucking peace pipe and awesome fucking ability to do a ghost hit)
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