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    Actually a 1 inch Net Pot by like 3 inches Long, might be better

    Or I Could even try, Only, Exclusively using Pipe Insulation as the Only Vertical Medium we would Need! For 4 inch PVC Pipes

    I'd put like Fishing Line into Vertical Tower's too, to Help Catch Moisture For Roots inside There. Like maybe 5 strands or more of Fishing Line inside Vertical GROW Tower's to hold on to Important Moisture, & Turn pumps on, after Roots Mature, 20 Seconds per Each maybe 8 minutes of Off Time cycle. But Fishing Line from Top & hanging into Bottom of Vertical Pipe Systems, Would Retain Great Moisture. Use like 20 pound Test, & maybe 50 strands or more hanging Equidistant from Top Cap of Pipe Towers. To Retain Moisture, etc.. I can only speculate, as I'm busy enough.

    But a 2 inch Net Pot Hole, In Industrial PVC Pipes, is a tough job in itself, with a Torch flame , too

    Maybe, people could Only make 1 inch Holes in PVC Pipes, then Only use Plumbing Insulation as DIY Inserts, to lock Plant down.

    Make Inserts as Long as you Want & as tight as you Want.

    That would be It! I'd recommend people Only make 1 inch Holes in PVC, & try it That Way.

    My Elysium Trips
  2. Question -

    If you Watered [hydroponics] a Plant at say 300 ppm of Total Nutrients, & Increased PAR Lights by 3 Times. How would That Plant grow if Not too Hot in Light & Everything else is perfect? It would Drink More Water, but Would Quality of Tastes be Better? Or what are the Extremes it can be taken, with Opposing PAR Light Intake to the Inverse of Nutrient TDS being Proportionally Lowered as PAR Increases? I'm Betting, maybe even 200 ppms could Feed Sufficiently Many Plants, even mature Fruiting plant's. Or I wonder!

    My Elysium Trips
  3. Magnesium might be to Eliminate Toxins In Biological Organism

    Or, I presume this. I Haven't used Epsom Salts in years

    Helps Bowel movements & Other things

    Look into buying Pure Epsom Salts!

    For Plant's & Holistic Health

    Calming Effects before Bed, to Drink like 1/2 teaspoon in a cup of Water or so. Do your own Research.

    My Elysium Trips
  4. I've got, a tiny, tiny bit of Instant Coffee
    & Also more of -
    *Chaga fungus
    *Horse Hoof Tinder Fungus
    *Actual Buddha Plant Flowers / stems
    *Epsom Salts [1 Teaspoon for relaxation, anti inflation, & stomach bowels - help, pain, etc]
    *And like 3 Total little Hop Pellets - they can be Sour & Bitter, a Cannabis Cousin, might help with Pain & such.

    And I think that's all I put into a Tea. To Actually get Cleated or Absorbable Nutrients & Vitamins in Soaking herb, plant & Mushroom Teas.

    These are All Soaking on Hot Plate of Coffee Machine, to Keep Temps High enough to Work.

    I'm only Trying to suggest people look at Good or Important things.


    What would YOU guys put in your Own Teas, & Why...

    Thanks in advance!

    My Elysium Trips
  5. How Many [American] People Today can Say -

    That They -

    Have More Money than God?

    My Elysium Trips
  6. What if Every American Demanded Silver for Each Dollar. Like Pre Federal Reserve? Then Take Silver at Pre 1913 Prices! And Gold, too. Demand that!

    $1 in Paper Notes would Equal a Troy Oz?

    1k Dollars would Equal 1k Troy Oz of Pure 99.9% Silver!

    Please debate. I'm not Sure What would happen.

    If a Dollar back in 1912, what kind of Silver that Would Buy Each Person in Oz's?

    Or, We should demand Pre 1913 Monetary System's!

    Anything else is Unconstitutional!

    We have Unconditional Rights per Creator!

    My Elysium Trips
  7. Neptune

    Net Tune


    A Pantara song

    My Elysium Trips
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    If [not "Of." Hackers, I wonder...?] Fishers Net had a Tune, What would it be?


    The Stars are... I'd advocate you all Intently Watch the Nighttime Star's, a single Star at a time for like a minute. If you Want to See UFOs.

    That's what happened to me. Please don't look at Stars like that if you Would Rather Keep your old paradigm of Cosmos. Etc.

    My Elysium Trips
  9. If one Had a Long enough Pogo stick - [I HeLP]

    If one could Land Vertically [LV - Level] straight down & balance via Gyro Effects to Stay Straight [GESS] (Gestures?) ... it's Just / Gess Nothing

    Could one Fall from Heaven & Land Safely only via a Long Enough Pogo Stick? [Leps] (Leprechauns?)... Fairy Tales...?

    I also believe we Could Own personal Little Cubed Earths, via EM Pulling from Center

    Like perfectly Squared, Cubed Miniature Planets for a Family of maybe 20...


    My Elysium Trips.


    Edit - it proves I cannot read well at all! Maybe the apostrophe there missing is my mistake in reading. Or, I don't know what to say...

    My Elysium Trips
  10. Maybe 3 months or so. I want to collect thousands of Holy Smoke Seeds

    I'd like to Freely Ship them Anywhere, freely

    But would Like to Ensure Authenticity of Beans themself

    Like a Wax Stamp [kind of stuff]

    A serial number for Online Authenticity checks...

    I'm poor & humble, but I got Holy Smokes Seeds coming I want give away ASAP

    Holy Grail Kush Bananas. Enough of That for sure for countless. It's great smoke

    Holy Grail K-Rush, times like 20 other st-rains

    Waiting to Make a whole bunch


    My Elysium Trips
  11. FYI & FTR

    For The Record.

    Anyone can copy anything I publicly post online for their Own records

    I'm not worried about That

    I'm more worried about my words being convoluted via Hacker's over Time & such

    Anyways. I've made... I couldn't tell you how much I've posted on the Internet... too Much for me to go back & read again... heh

    But, don't plagiarize me, that's different than reading a book or being inspired.

    And, don't give others credit for what is original to me. Or don't Steal Artistic Property. Just accept it as free presents. That's it.

    My Elysium Trips
  12. I'd suggest Everyone interested in Survival Gear...

    Please Look into Reverse Osmosis Staws

    They might be like $15 online. But Water is Worth at least that in Survival Situations

    And, maybe recycle your Own Urine

    Like "Water World," the Movie. Except maybe RO Staw would even work... if not...

    If you didn't want to use RO Staw with Urine...

    Magnifying Glasses & Clear Jugs [glass or plastic, etc., Heat Resistant Bladders]...

    To then Vaporize Water Via Distillation, & use little ' 'Worm Gear Box' ' [even Clear Tubing should suffice as Worm Box thing] to Collect Pure Distilled Water from Urine!

    Then, the Magnifying Glasses Would be the Power Source / Channeled Power Supply, for Indefinite Urine to Distilled Water...

    If you have enough Light & Magnifying Glasses & Good / Large enough Catching Bladders & such

    Or, Fire Would Work too. Any IR heat source sufficient, would suffice [to Distill Water Via heat]

    Suffice to say

    My Elysium Trips
  13. Is the Military Industrial Complex Segregating Americans with Americans, Even Online in the Forums?

    Is that Happening?

    Where American's might Not be Easily able to talk to English Speaking Foreigners in yonder countries?

    I've been Wondering about This recently...

    Please ponder honestly about These thing's. Not biased towards any ways, but Speculations

    My Elysium Trips
  14. Are you homeless?

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  15. Is a Manger considered "Homeless?"

    I have a home. I want to give up my home to Homeless. And hopefully be like a mixture between Cowboy style living & Indian Style. Or, Apart from Society & being One with Oneness!

    But, Nature is the Only Way to Nature

    We need More Nature to Mature into Angelic Peoples who are not Perfect People. But who are Looking to try to Perfect even little thing's at a time

    My Elysium Trips
  16. I'd rather be a "Homeless" but Able Survivalist in the Freedom's of Nature, than Stuck in This Society being overbearing on Countless Millions

    We, the Able people with enough sense, should consider Learning & then Teaching as many Survival Skills as Possible

    To make People more Able to Survive with & via Nature, In Reasonable & Mature ways of Good Stewardship...

    So, I'm not telling Anyone in Particular to move into the Woods to Break From Society. I'm Implying the in General for those with the Knowledge of impending changes ensuing, quickly.

    Survival is Life. Life is Experience. Experience is Awareness / Consciousness. Death, I Believe, is Sleeping like a cat nap.

    But, would I be Wrong to advocate People Study & Teach Natural / Natures Survival Techniques?

    My Elysium Trips
  17. I'm more or less, beyond the Current Events topics, many Times

    Many times it appears I Make the News Happen, unfortunately.

    Like Bruce Alrighty Then. Jim in 2012, at a Saint's, Tiffany's breakfast, near Independence Day & the Angelic Apparition

    My Elysium Trips

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