Somewhere I guess

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  1. High of course.
    That's were we wanna be.

    I live in a coastal town with a beach nearby.
    I've been here since I was a little kid. The town is infested with grouchy, stingy old people.
    They run this place. I get high every weekend. Let's just say I'm out at sea, where you want to be, and no there's no fuckin' octopus' garden in the shade.
    Sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh. It's just that I'm irritated by all of these old people.

    I enjoy the usual, money, weed, guitar, sex, music, friends, family, randomness, scheming to not have to work much anymore, by launching a successful career in music.

    Yes, I know what you guys are going to ask. Yes I also like listening to Britney Spears.

    Please send help as soon as you can I beg of you.

    BTW, my new CD will come out in 7 months.
    I recommend you all buy it. It's good for the body and soul. The mind is gone so I didn't worry about that.

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