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somewhat luckiest day!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Flyinstarhigh, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. So im omw to work and as im a block away i got pulled over for my tints.. btw the front windows were down and the first thing the cop told me to do was put my front window up just a bit. So he got closer to the window and he asked me who smoked weed in the car and i said my sister (its my car but under her name).

    What he was smelling was an 1/8 of sour i had in my center console. And on top of that i forgot to hide my grinder and he saw it. So i consented to a search and as he went to the car to get the paper to sign for the consent i took the weed and hid it inside my the back of my passengers seat. They searched the car and they DIDNT fint it. I was so fucking happy when they closed the doors.

    But they took me in for the grinder and 2 empty dime bags they found. Bummer right they just took the mugshots and my prints. And i got a summons for paraphenelia and a ticket for my tints and for driving the car while in possesion of paraphenelia..

    But im smokin some of that sour i hid right now..
  2. Haha I bet those tokes taste twice as good! Like a free meal! Haha thats like free weed too! Whip got da tint and ridin dirty, eh?!
  3. Yea lol ima go to take the tints off in front and try and get a signed paper for it and hopefully they give me a break since it was my first time being arrested..
  4. What are tints? Sorry for the lane question haha
  5. [quote name='"jcal123"']What are tints? Sorry for the lane question haha[/quote]

    The window tints to make them darker..

  6. that sucks man. i live in ny and i got caught with a quarter of joints, and vodka. and only got a ticket for alc. possession. which is nothing
  7. You consented to a search ?
  8. yeah what thee.. explain
  9. What % tint and state? Curious about where they'd be so strict?
  10. #10 Flyinstarhigh, Aug 13, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2012
    Yea cus he smelt the weed and found the grinder and i played it off like it wasnt my car cus its registered and insured under my sisters name so when he went to get the paper to give my consent i took the weed from the console and stashed it litteraly inside the back of the passenger seat and that covered up the smell a little bit. If they would brought a dog i wouldve been fucked!

    And it im in NJ i have 5% in all back windows (legal in NJ) wich is why he didnt see me move the weed. And 35% in front but i had the windows down..

    Edit: btw there were some dutches in the glove conpartment but didnt say any thing about it but they know what its for..
  11. [quote name='"GoodDecisions"']What % tint and state? Curious about where they'd be so strict?[/quote]

    NJ is strict as shit bout everything especially around where i work they have nothing to do its a semi upper class area!! If it was were in my town i wouldve never gotten arrested for a grinder..
  12. lol fuck the police
  13. Its gonna suck if i get probation too then i cant smoke my beatiful herb!!

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