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  1. Whats up GC, thanks to many of you here I succesfully made it through a 2 month veg, couple lil issues i worked through except the one i didn't realize i had done till it was time to change the timer. My retarded self has been on a 17/7 light schedule since after the first week of 24/7 light. Now that they are on 12/12, I look and wonder how much more veg I could have crammed into my lil grow box.

    Could this fail on my part be the reason it already showed pre flowers 2 days before i dropped it to 12/12?

    Some day I will find the cord for my camera, post up some picks to show off my lil beachball under 4x23w cfl, and a 220w red and blue led fixture with the correct light wave lengths (numbers slip the mind)

    Also,anyone reading this have experience with the humboldt naturals grow and bloom? Just curious if I picked the right stuff. Standing there at the hydroponic store staring at all the nutes while baked is a mind altering experience.

    Anyway thanks, alot of your posts have been super helpful, you geniouses know who you are so I prolly don't need to put your names here :wave:
  2. Pre flowers are the girl's way of saying she's ready to flower. You switched at a good time, meaning you didn't force it.

    Lighting sounds good as long as the CFL's are really close to the plants.

    I've never used humboldt nutes myself, but I've heard good things about them.
  3. You got it right those lights are slammed down on the plant, except the LED due to the way i had to make the box. I'm on the inside of an old two drawer bedside dresser thingy. The light fixtures are from two hoods off of old 10gal fishtanks that are terrariums now, So they have a light from each end that i have suspended from the sides. Sorta ghetto but easy to adjust the height of them or the plant as needed.
  4. Do you know what spectrum the lights are? You want 5000k/6500k for veg and 2700k for flowering.

    Hopefully your girls don't outgrow their space. They can double to triple in height sometimes, especially if they're sativa. Did you LST?
  5. She was topped 2 times because the first pinch didn't seem to do what it was supposed to, splitting into 4 tops. For veg it was getting the LED, 2 5500k and 2 6500k 23w cfl. I'd like to put a few more lights in there, but it already is close to getting too warm if i leave the lid closed. I'll fix that on my second box because it is needed. I don't think it will outgrow the space this time, and no i didn't tie it down because it is just too bushy. It kind of grew out on its own, and with a little trimming all tops are getting as much of the light that i am providing. The seeds were from an ounce of Nyc diesel, about 5 seeds were found in it.

    The growth when you flip to 12/12 is insane though so excited. I've been trying to convince the mrs. that a 150w hps is needed, what do people think of just 150w of hps?

    I plan to use the current box just to veg out things, and I either plan to DIY a tent, or hollow out a bigger dresser and get a 150 w hps for flowering. My lil dresser is so stealth she didn't know i had it going until a couple weeks ago when i was so excited I had to show it to someone, her. Was pretty funny building it, had to do it in lil bits when she would go to the store.:D
  6. Hahaha nice. What you did was FIM'd your plant (or FUCK I MISSED). Some people do it on purpose :p

    I would get the HPS if you think you could manage the heat. Without a cool tube/remote ballast, it would be pretty tough. However, nothing I've seen so far in all the material I have read has beat the HPS in terms of light penetration and lumens per watt. Read: fatter colas and less popcorn bud.:D

    I would totally make a dedicated flower room and dedicated veg room if you could, and a little more height is never a bad thing :p
  7. Sure wish I could find that camera cable. Had to raise the CFLs a little this morning she is starting to really go skyward at all the tops. All the tops are staying clear of each other and are reaching up kind of like I planned for her to grow that way.

    I had originally planned to scrog it with a screen but the lid opens up so fitting a screen in there currently isn't an option.

    There is a 150 watt hps I was looking at, had the air cooled cool tube and if I get that the next little area will be built around the ventilation for that light when I manage to get it, becoming the flower box.

    Now I know with the HPS, your security risk goes up because I am sure those lights show up like crazy if they are looking with the right equipment. I have national guard helicopters flying over all the time, I live in a trailer. Is there any needed extra worry from using a 150w HPS and me lighting them up? If I did use the HPS the 12/12 would be during daylight hours.

    Am I just being overly paranoid?
  8. You are being overly paranoid. The electric company can't tell if you're using 150w for a grow light, only that you used 150 watts. And if you don't secure your light leaks, you'll probably get a hermie so I wouldn't worry about anyone seeing the light because you should have it sealed.

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