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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kpstoney, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. sometimes when im stone i start thinking about depressing things, like about myself and stuff.. does anyone else have this problem? i know some stoners that dont think like that when their stoned..
  2. Most people don't think like that. My ex gf does that, which is why she doesn't like weed. She just thinks too much and starts getting depressed about stuff for no good reason.

    Not sure why you or others do it.
  3. yea its not like i think like that when im sober.. but when im stoned my mind feels like its going into some deep thoughts kind of shit...:(
  4. its always got to do with ur mind set, try listening to some happy music before smoking and continue playing it after ur high.. you can control this, it is totally up to you where ur mind wanders off to.. it can just be hard to control sometimes... wen u start thinking about depressing things snap out of it and start thinking happy thoughts ( cool music, watch a funny movie or tv show, play a game etc)

    hoped this help
  5. I got the answer..
    that use to happen to me when I got back from Iraq. I used to get sad as hell when I smoked then I found out it was the way I was smoking.

    You have to be comfortable in the first place..... doing something you like/around a happy person, relaxing music, funny movie, nobody bitching,etc.

    Alot of times bud just intensifies whatever mode your in at the moment. so during your next session keep people and things around with positive energy/good vibes you'll see a diffrence in your highs.
  6. You have herpes

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