Sometimes you just forget things..

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  1. So it had this family dinner wich was pretty boring. We came home at about 2 AM and I was a bit drunk.
    I Felt the need for weed and sparked one up when my dad was asleep. Only did halft a joint, so I put the rest inside a cone to smoke the day after.

    The next day I'm looking for my cone and lighter and can't find it anywhere.
    I had no idea where it was, I just couldn't remember :confused:
    My parents don't know I smoke and they would be pretty pissed I think.. or not? Dunno.

    So I'm searching like hell and just can't find it.. It was not in my backpack or any other place I put it normally.
    Ultimately, I found it in the big bag I put all my schoolbooks in.
    I have no idea why I would put it there, but I was pretty blazed I guess.. :smoke:
    These things don't happen that much, but I hate it when they do.
    Gonna pay some more attention in the future lol :D

    Any of you guys had experience with shit like this?

    -Peace tp
  2. haha yeah man. i still havent found a blunt i hid while high in my back yard 2 months ago. came back to grab it after a quick chat with someone and i couldnt remember where i put it
  3. I always misplace things :(
  4. I lose my keys, phone, and ipod at least once a week. It's a great feeling when I eventually find them hours after I've stopped looking.
  5. I always use the memopad in my phonoe when i think ill need to remember a hiding spot :smoke:
  6. Dude I lose my glasses all the time, that shit is really annoying cause my vision is brutal, so I end up walking around the house all high and blind and shit.
  7. Lol!

    I misplace my shit almost every fucking time. Whether its my kit itself, or a lighter or a pipe.
  8. When I was younger and first started toking. my family was cooking dinner and my mom said give me the pepper, I kept looking for it and realized I put in my pocket, pretty sure my mom knew I smoked then.
  9. I hid an 1/8th of Purple Kush from myself about a month ago, can't find that shit anywhere.

    Then I hid my new spoon, forgot about it and just found it yesterday.

    Then this morning I placed a ball of hash into my spoon, carried it out to the porch, went back to my room because I forgot a lighter, came back and my pipe was there, but my ball of hash was gone! >[
  10. ive been looking for my cellular device which can only be in 1 of 2 fucking rooms for 3 days now
  11. this shit happens to me almost on a daily basis.
  12. I live with roommates so I don't have to hide my stuff. But I'll go smoke on the deck and come back in and go about my business, then hours later realize I have no idea where I left the rest of the blunt. Sometimes it'll show up in my hoody pocket, a random shoe, the kitchen counter, etc lol
  13. i dont really lose stuff, i just forget to put stuff away. i have my weed and pipe in a lock box that sits on my dresser, sometimes ill forget to close the lid, forget to put the lock on, ill leave the key sitting right next to the box. pisses me off sometimes because if my mom saw it she would freak out.

    edit: one time i left my slider on the counter in the bathroom all night. went to hit the bong the next day and my slider wasnt there. i immediatly froze, than SPRINTED to the bathroom. thank god my mom didnt use that bathroom that day!

  14. Those are the moments you learn to be more careful with your weed.
    At least for a few hours :smoke:
  15. my mom doesnt want me and my brother smoking so she'll take any lighters we leave out. he estimates that she owes us at least $2000 worth

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