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Sometimes when I'm high...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Huffingrass, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I need a character limit like Twitter.

    Now someone else go!
  2. I get really clumsy...
  3. I listen to Disney music.
  4. I eat food? I'm not sure I understand this thread
  5. ...I clean...
  6. I am unable to complete a sentence cause I forget what I wanted to say
  7. I load another bowl
  8. i use my mouth, lips, and tongue to formulate vocals and words in order to successfully execute statements/questions in social situations
  9. I talk slow, which usually drives me up the walls
  10. I like to get higher by smoking more. Or get less high by not smoking. Either way I'm eating food and going to sleep afterwards.
  11. I get introspective
  12. i pretend im a pad of butter meltin over a big ol' stack of flap jacks....

  13. eat food and play LoL? ;)

    That character in your avatar is pretty cool.
  14. I pursue violent criminals to dismember and throw into the ocean. It's always fun.
  15. I walk into a room and forget what I was doing. Then I walk out, and forget what I was doing.
  16. 1. I smoke another bowl.
    2. I eat food...LOTS of food. It's gotten to be the only time I can really eat much.
    3. I listen to very electronic music (i.e., deadmau5, basshunter, bass nectar)
    4. I lose control of my thought process.
    5. And last but not least! I sleep :D
  17. I like to fuck bitches and get paid
  18. I wear a large banana costume and walk around my house like nothing is different

  19. That genuinely sounds great.

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