sometimes things just work out......

Discussion in 'General' started by KAdernal, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. So i was just sitting around in my room with some people playing halo online after i smoked a few bowls.... they are chillin going on my computer checking out cars cus my friend is in teh market to buy one. He finds a sick one thats being sold like right down the street calls the guy up and is like im interested in your car i want to check it out, if i like it i can get you the money by tomorrow. So the kid is like the car isnt here.... there are lots of people interested but ill swing through i have some more pictures of it if your that serious. Now because of the system in the car my friend had a few questions about it and since Im pretty into that kind of stuff and ive installed a similar system in my car he wants me to go ask the guy some questions. I dont really want to get up cus im pwning shit in halo, but i could use a cig break. So the dude pulls up in another sick ass whip and is like talking to my friend and im smoking a cig chillin with some other kids... when i got over to the car to talk to the kids one of my other friends who is out there goes yea this kid just got a few thousand pills and is looking to get rid of them. So i go and im like yea i hear about those pills i might be able to help you get rid of some... hes like yea i can front you a pretty good amount and you can flip them for me.... so im like sweet....... you got a weeed connect? THis dude goes yea thats what i usually fuck with what do you need i can get it right now!!!! Thank god i decided to get up and go have a cig cus now i got a new sick ass connect!!!! just thought i would share im pretty excited about it.:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  2. yea im with u there, for me, if i feel like doing any drug, i pick up my cell and can get it within about 45 mins tops......gooood times

  3. Nice story, I love when that kinda shit happens
  4. Beware of things that sound too good to be true....cuz sometimes they are
  5. nah dudes legit, no worries about the whole thing.

    cherry This summer im gonna be residing in the Ct, holler.
  6. sounds awesome man
  7. Good shit man.

    Shit today things worked out too.

    Got a dime for $9. Dealer smoked a huge ass joint with the 4 of us. Then found a dime on the street. Good shit.
  8. Nice find, man. But stay alert of him.
  9. Nice find, man. But stay alert of him.
  10. Yea something somewhat similar happend to me recently. But now duke wont pick up his fuckin phone for like the past 3 days :mad:
  11. yea i love it when you stumble across people like that.

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