sometimes parents suck

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. welp i was extracting dxm today since i cant get into any stores around my house to get any dxm only products, so i gotta use shit that got guasefin (sp?) in it... well anyway, i got all the shit done and i was lettin the naphtha evaporate away so i could get some powder, and my dad finds the dish, then starts talkin about how he's gonna call the cops, so i jus laughed at him like go ahead, i aint doin anythin illegal... but neway theres my story about y parents suck sometimes, i need to move.
  2. Maybe cause they care ???????:smoking:
  3. Preparing DXM for illicit use is illegal.

  4. How so? Just say you're allergic to something in the syrup but can still make use of the medication by using all LEGAL items to extract it for your personal use.

    If a cop said anything I'm sure you could talk your way out of it, I mean come on, it's just home made cough medicine.
  5. did your dad know what it was?

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