sometimes i'm pretty damn dumb

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. damnit, i hate when i do stupid shit in the heat of the moment.. key example was about 20 minutes ago

    i was at my local giant eagle stealing 3 bottles of robitussin gel caps (yes, bad, but i wouldnt be doin the shit as often if i had to pay all the time) and when i walked down the isle that i normally stuff the shit down my pants in, this lady comes up behind me like "i know your not stuffing them down your pants" so in a hurry i pull em backout like "nah i was jus smackin em against my stomach"...... welp she dont believe me so she's like "aight come upstairs with me" now fortunately for me, the doorway to get upstairs is right by the exit, so in a "i aint tryin to get arrested again" moment, i dropped the shit and ran, like anyone in this situation would do....

    welp after i get out of the store i'm like "wtf were u thinking, you coulda jus ran out the store with the shit" damnit! welp i wont be doin my drug of choice in the near future, cuz i jus ruined it for myself, theres no stores by my house that sell it other than that and kmart (which i'm also not allowed back in)

    yep, this sucks, and i'm definitely pissed at myself, looks like its gonna be a sober summer if i cant find a job sometime soon....
  2. they got cameras in the store, hopefully they dont? and if you want them and willing to buy them just give your friend the money to get them...but that sucks man...atleast you got away.
  3. Ahh, that sucks man, sorry to hear that.

    Like irishs2k said, have a freind buy them for you. If you dont feel comfortable having a freind buy them for you, just cross your fingers, and pray to god no camera got your face, or the lady doesnt remember you.

    Good luck.
  4. theres no cvs by you? i thought they had a cvs on every corner nowadays...

  5. cvs ? ^^ ??
  6. When you say other stores don't sell it, do you mean the gel caps or DXM in general?

    If you can only get the cough syrup, I mean, cmon, theres gotta lots of places where you can get syrup unless you live in a hamlet or something.

    Just do the DXM extraction and sell it to your buddies so you're always doing it for free. That's what I do, I dont rip them off or anything, I just go to make a few bucks+free dose for myself from it.
  7. haha wat i mean is kmart and giant eagle are the ONLY 2 stores within walking distance from my house that sell it, i could get it if i rode my bike 30 minutes and 4 miles down the road, but it was alot more convenient havin it right there.. the only places i got now is gas stations, and they all sell the dm kind

  8. ECKERDS/Walgreens/CVS all the same exact thing, different name.
    The bastards are always outa whole milk.
  9. heh looks like you're gonna have to ride your bike a few miles from now on.... at least until you pay for the stuff (and are even allowed in the stores again)....
  10. whole milk tastes like cheese.

  11. I know I love it.

    Yea man, my friend tucked is pants into his socks and he just dropped bottles of tuss in there and walked out. Ive had some nasusia with the cough gels so I stick to the syrup.
  12. haha man i had this fucked up dream about this whole thing las night.. the security gaurd there was like lettin me steal shit, and the next thing i know he's this big blob and i gotta run down this hill and fight off these friggin japanese people to reclaim all the robitussin, ahha it was the craziest friggin dream i've ever had
  14. hahaha

  15. hey at least youll be working out and tripping out!:)

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