"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are..."M Twai

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    "Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it."
    --Mark Twain

    Hey guys I really found this quote profound when I saw it in AW's signature. It's the question I have been struggling with the most and really can't decide.

    Do you think the people in charge really believe in their ideologies and are just dumb, or do you think the people in charge pretend to believe but really have ulterior plans and motives?

    ***In the poll I meant OUR leaders not are leaders.*** sorry typed this thing up stoned.
  2. Great question. I doubt we'll ever know though. Been pondering questions like this for some time.
    I'm curious to see people's view points on it.

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  3. I think its a mix of imbeciles and power hungy assholes and a good bit of legitimate psychopaths and sociopaths. Political positions that hold great power, especially ones with high potential for corruption, are very attractive to true psychopaths. Normal people wouldn't be as inclined to seek positions like those as someone with no empathy or motive other than self serving. Im not talking about people that are just plain bat shit crazy and murder people but by a text book definition of a psycho/sociopath. people who lack a conscience or any semblance of a moral compass. They exploit their positions with total disregard for those getting screwed and take advantage of the fact that the American mases are a lazy brainwashed believe anything the TV says jackass.
  4. I think we are all being had.

    The odd's of imbeciles being elected over and over again and making the same mistakes over and over again are huge.
  5. I'll go with what would've probably been my signature were there not a character limit on signatures.

    - Elias Canetti in “Crowds and Power.”

    So yes, I think the political class is almost entirely made up of power-hungry megalomaniacs, their sycophantic underlings and mere petty criminals. Politics is an occupation that naturally attracts very horrible human beings.

    Like why is there a "Drug War" given that it accomplishes none of its stated objectives? You would have to be fucking stupid to think we ever had a chance at "winning" an unwinnable war. What the Drug War does do successfully is socially cleanse the American population, funneling plenty of $$$ into the hands of a few powerful groups as their prisons warehouse America's undesirables. The cops become more militarized and the police state wins again. These are the unstated objectives of the Drug War.
  6. I don't believe in the Illuminati conspiracy. The idea that your enemies are organized against you if the definition of paranoid.

    However I do believe the super elite.pull strings in the world of politics to suit their goals.

    So I voted a little of both.

    On one hand you have dumbasses like Sarah Palin or George bush. And on the other you have evil master minds like Goldman Sachs and Monsanto.

    Then you have all the people in between. For example I used to respect my Senator Harry Reid untilled he signed ndaa.

    I think the government is an organization of fallible people some of whole genuinely mean well but may be corrupted.

    I believe the super elite while powerful, are not all in some secret.club bent on world domination.

    I also don't believe they are out to get us. I think they are just greedy assholes who would throw you under the bus for money
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    I think that there are a small number of very intelligent people running the show from behind the scenes for their own purposes...

    And a bunch of people who are either not intelligent at all or simply don't care. These would be our politicians.
  8. It's definitely a little bit of both. There's the powerful elite who are unknown. They groom people like Bush and Obama, who will do whatever they are told. They are smart. The puppets are not.

    Democrats and Republicans are lockstep on issues that actually matter.

    If they are divisive issues in the eyes of the public, but do not threaten the elites' being in power, then Democrats and Republicans are bitter rivals and the people are fooled into voting for them.

  9. If they are imbeciles...what does that say about their supporters?
  10. they are clever but unwise
  11. Do you guys and gals believe that "the smart people who are putting us on" are pretty much united? How united?
  12. its survival of the fittest. thats all i know, when shit hits the fan, im bugging out.
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    Being the good guy only gets you places if its on the outside. On the inside its better to be the bad guy. From a point of view of how to become a successful politician/ceo type guy.

    but what do we know, its probably alot more complicated then this. Maybe alot of these politicians started out wanting to be the good guy, a percentage of them believe they are but just make the wrong decisions sometimes.

    also if someone threatened your family, you may decide to vote differently for that one time, if you know what i mean.

    also the job is alot different then we think probably. theres probably pre existing agenda's, deals made to get your district some federal money. and before you know it, that dude that originally wanted to be a leader and help the people is now caught up in some huge mess. Then theres your psychopaths like dick cheney. so there are alot of different types of "corrupt" politicians. They dont all fall in the same category. I think many of them are fallen heroes, people crazy enough to take on the responsibility, egoists, the ignorant, people that just got mixed up in the big mess like i said.

    who knows.
  14. They are just business partners and will continue working together until it becomes unprofitable to do so, although who knows... My guess is they are only united by their addiction to wealth and power. They probably speak their own language. Maybe the word united has no meaning for them unless it is something to profit from. Just think how crazy, weird, surreal, disturbing, and unfamiliar it would be to be on the other side of that one-way mirror called society. Imagine having enough money that you had the choice to send armies to war from behind the political scenes.

    The fact is that a lot of politicians are paid fat sacks by the owners of the big conglomerates. These people have the real executive power, not the politicians. The president is just their cover. Mass-media, culture, and the incentive of wealth and fame are their weapons. They are not all powerful. No man or woman runs the world. The human species is a biological experiment of a higher conscious entity. We are children in the presence of this planet. There is no conquering this world, let alone the universe. There is being in tune and being out of tune. The arrogance and ignorance of our species is that we think we can dominate the Gods (natural forces of the universe) just as we strive to dominate members of our own species. We will continue to be troubled, paranoid, disempowered, and seemingly divided until we begin to ignore the council of institutions and start listening to the wisdom of nature.
  15. I don't believe there are such clear cut divisions, per se. I believe there is a group of fairly united 'smart people who are putting us on.' However, they must inevitably have a variety of ties with other people who are not so loyal, in order for anything to work. When you enter that expanded circle, there is probably a pretty diverse range of interests and viewpoints. When an option that is better for everybody, including 'normal people' and them for the most part, becomes apparent, it will change, regardless of what that small group says. The small group can only control things when the extended circle thinks it is in their best interest, and they have to do it.

  16. Thus a biased and corrupt media, culture based on domination, and the confusion and guilt of the common citizen. Yes, this game only continues to work in the favor of these elite circles because the masses continue to play along with them. Which is really sad to think. Personally, I feel extremely uneasy/agitated about my contribution to this war machine. I know i'm not the only one, but individually there is very little, if anything at all to do about it.

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