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Sometimes I think buying dank is pointless

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brett119, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Well i've been smoking for around 5 years and the last 2 years I have pretty much smoked everyday. I can make a 1/4 of mids last just as long as a 1/4 of dank. Lasts me around 7-9 days on average. Don't get me wrong I LOVE dank but when a quad costs 90 and mids cost 35 a quad. Most of the time i'm gonna pick the mids.

    I don't find the high you get from mids terrible, hell 3 big bong rips and i'm blasted. Also it takes a while for me to build up a tolerance for mids. (i'm talking months of smoking everyday) If i smoke only dank for a month my tolerance skyrockets.

    The past 4 months I only bought dank and from here till I harvest I'm only gonna buy mid to save some $$$

    12 females btw so my harvest will get me through the winter w/o buying any
  2. I know what you mean. I go through about 1 oz every 2 wks, I'll go through dank as fast because I smoke CONSTANTLY and it'll cost me 2-3 times as much. I've always gotten pretty blazed on mids. Really good mids are around $140 an oz, and nice, few seeds and stems. I'll pick up some Kush now and then but not too often.
  3. The only dealer I buy from sells expensive dank. i can't find mids where I'm at. I think its a good idea for the daily smoker.
  4. Yeah I'd rather pay $20 for 4 blunts than $20 for a blunt of dank any day. I only buy dank when I have enough money for an eightieth or more. Otherwise I pay $30 for 5-7g of some good mids that gets me very high and lasts way longer than $30 of dank would. (For $30 I can get about 2g of dank.)
  5. I just love the smooth smoke of dank some mids that I smoke are super rough
  6. Mine are green too, I won't buy any brown shit though. I smoked that shit when I first started smoking and got bronchitis from it. I almost missed 2 weeks of school cause of that. 100 for bricked shit. When I get a zip of mids it runs 120-130
  7. soooo true, but I've smoked some really good Blueberry and was hacking, maybe the smooth,tasty goodness caught me offguard.
  8. Sometimes I like some brown weed, if it's not compressed though. Gives me that sinking into the couch feeling.
  9. Whatever works for you. I personally can't stand it... but I've also never had "good mids" like I've seen. I'm just known to spend money for quality. How I roll, yo. The quality of high is way better too. Lasts longer.
  10. Damn, just slow down on your smoking.

    I can't stand mids, no matter how much I smoke, it only gets me high for maybe 30 minutes. And the taste compared to some nice dank is retched.

  11. Spot on, chap.
  12. I like dank for it's taste also, but if you aren't getting high enough from mids, I don't see how. I get just as high with mids as dank, even if it means smoking more, you got the quantity to make up for it, so you might as well smoke up. I'm pretty sure if I let any of you hit my bong with the mids I get, you would all be high as ever lol. Typical 5/g for my mids, not always compressed, little stems, little seeds. Not a great taste, but a great high that lasts long non the less.

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