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Sometimes I Really Hate My Parents.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by inb4bud, Jun 1, 2013.

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  2. Fuck that, go to their house, steal all of their food, and ransack that bitch. Take back your spare key too. Don't be their bitch, it's your place, and your life. Not theirs.
  3. #3 inb4bud, Jun 1, 2013
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    Yeah, my moms finally gotten the hint after the 100th bottle I've poured in the sink while she watched. Start standing up to them, or just completely cut them out. If they can't accept you, you shouldn't accept them.
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    I'm not saying yes or no, but loosing parents over any issues isn't something that I would do (by pouring their booze down the sink). Family should always stick together, even if the other side isn't trying their part. Love covers a multitude of sins.
  7. Why did you give them a spare key in the first place if you clearly knew they were psychos? The only advice I can give you is to learn from it and refrain from making the same mistake again.
  8. Revenge really sounds like the best answer here. 
    Something simple...idk  :confused_2:
  9. #9 inb4bud, Jun 1, 2013
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  10. Are they paying for your appartment?
  11. #11 inb4bud, Jun 1, 2013
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  12. make a police report for burglary on them. Show them the vid. How many plants did you have? Are you a MMJ patient?
  13. Well then they have no right breaking into your apartment. I mean they could've called the cops on you or something if they wanted to be dicks, but I would just get back the key the leave it at that if I were you
  14. #14 inb4bud, Jun 1, 2013
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  15. I would totally take some jewelry/watches from your parents, sell it at a pawn shop, and get the money back. Your at an age when your old enough to own an apartment and they treat you like that? No my man, don't take that.  
  16. Lol I dont think he wants them knowing he had plants.

    Never talk to your parents again. Make em pay
  17. My parents kind of did this. I had bought a small house near my college. I would go away for weekends and so on and I used to trust my buddy to feed my fish (160 gallon saltwater). He couldnt make it one weekend, so he gave the key to my parents. Appararentley I hadn't made it clear enough to never contact my parents. So all in all, they came, took my stash (1/4 oz of some fine purp, and an ounce of train wreck), all my pieces (2 bongs, 1 bubbler, countless pipes), and all of my plants (small tent in basement, 4 plants, and they spilt my whole hydro ponics system all over my basement! FUCK ME). So after the thousands dollars of repairs and so on, I burnt my moms garden down (she's one of those freaks who obseses over their garden) and stolen my dads cigar and alcohal collection (easily 2 grand) haven't contacted parents since. Fuck then.
  18. Well if the plants, weed, and all paraphernalia have already been disposed of, he won't be charged with a "supposed" crime in the past. Take them to court, it will seem like an odd case, but there are plenty of weird cases out there. OP would still be in the right. 
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    Anyone else notice that it was posted in 1970? Lol

    Anyway, I say go to their house and take what they basically owe you and then eat a lot of crappy food and shit on their bed, that'll show them.

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    Get their trust and hotbox the shit out of their home while their gone.
    Then just lay low until the heat dies down.  :laughing:

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