Sometimes I just hate people.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stonie jo, Jul 9, 2003.

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  1. Most days I can put on my little happy smiley face and have no problems. Then there are days (and they usually come all together) that I wanna rip someones head off!

    People can be so fucking stupid.

    After a while I think the stupid must rub off on me or somethin\'.

    Stupid people shouldn\'t breed.

    Do they have to try or were they just born that way?

    They\'re always fuckin\' with me!!!
  2. You should ahve to get a permit to breed. .I\'ve thought this for along time!!! And of course it\'s only the stupid people who seem to be breeding anyways!! at least in mass quantities! LoL
  3. you don\'t even have to be stupid somedays it seems that all people are just so ignorant about everything and blaaaaa! but those feelings usualy go away. i don\'t usualy hate stupid people (I mean really stupid) \'cos they\'re usualy no harm to me or anyone, they can be irritating but harmless anyway unless they\'re a president or something.
  4. Hey ,don,t pick on stupid people so much ,just be thankful your not one of them :D .Be nice to them .l had a situation today ,but put ya heart in the right place and all is well my very good friend.l love ya babe like l,am telling ya,all how to suck eggs .just know l love ya mate .
  5. It always gives me a smile to think that natural selection is still at work weeding out the truly stupid ones. The rest can be ignored easily enough.
  6. Stupid stupid does!!!!!!

    I\'m glad I\'m only half stupid.. Any tning more and no one would love me!!!!
  7. Yeah, I suppose I didn\'t mean really stupid people. More like rude, mean, selfish, inconsiderate people. I guess to me that is stupid. I have met lots of mentally challenged people. I have no problem with them. Even though they are not rocket scientists they are still pretty nice people. It\'s the snotty, stuck up people who think they are better than everybody that really set me off.

  8. HEAR HEAR!!! too bloody right!


    unfortunately they do so more than the smarter people who can occupy their minds with more complex things than swinging your hips in and out. :p

  9. I know what you mean.. The normal people who just act like stupid fucks should have to spen three days on the titanic with out food or oxygen!!!!!!!

  10. people r so annoying... i so feel u
  11. dickheads are also annoying

  12. only when used improperly.... :D

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