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sometimes i just gotta stop and think....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by scarletbegonia, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. so..yeah....lst night i was going to pick upmy friend dani to got to our friend marks house....cause we had ta break in his new bong....on our journy to his house which is some distance away we noticed like 50 cops all around....we kept on freaken out feelin guilty..ya know that feeling damn cops give you...so yeah we get to his house get fucking baked out of our minds and eventually go on our way home....

    well Dani was driveing...mind you it was the first time she'd been stoned in a while soo iguess it hit her harder than me or something...anyways we were on the highway and like 5 cops passed us...and starts like freakin out and crying so i made her pull over so i could drive...it was sooo fucking scarey.....it was no good ...no good at all....totally killed the buzz i had goin
  2. aw i kno wat u mean. . . im not 2 keen on feds, they giv me a horrible vibe and ruin my buzz wenever i see them which is nearly always down where i live. i dont let them stop me tho, i jus carry on doin wat i gotta do and let them go around lookin 4 sum1 else in the rong.
  3. nuthin like the popos 2 ruin ya buzz
  4. Damn, she freaked out crying? That's crazy. Just from seein cops go by.. It's a good thing she didn't actually get pulled over. Did she or you actually have anything on you?
    I'm only nervous when I see cops when I have like an ounce on me. Otherwise it's like.. "heya how ya doin officer. What'sup"

  5. Yes, you are correct. I've seen/experienced this firsthand. Granted I see that they have a job to do, but no need to be such assholes about it...
  6. hate it when shit killa ya buzz

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