sometimes i get really baked and make bongs

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  1. I make some pretty sweet bongs show me what you got
  2. lol where da pics dawg?
  3. Came in expecting bongs, left disappointed.
  4. I made this in like 35 minutes and it works fuckin great haha but it's not the most beautiful thing. Just don't have the money right now to buy a glass bong :0


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  5. aluminum foil :eek:

    Might wanna try to find some other way to make a bowl. Plastic in general for bongs is questionable at best, but aluminum, really should be avoided.

    And since people will say i'm overreacting, I will post some information one of our very knowledgable and respectable blades posted in the past on the topic:

    Food for thought.
  6. Your not overreacting at all dude. It's a serious health issue that people should. Know about.

  7. I need to post the proof though to convince others, people are unwilling to accept that what they're doing isn't safe, only because "hey i'm still alive, no side effects, so it's all good"

    But long time smokers (tobacco) and alcoholics justify themselves in much the same way.
  8. Well I have like little glass bowls that I can put on my pieces but that has aluminum on it just because that's all I had when I made it.. I think I'll put a glass one on today

  9. Probably for the best. Nothing beats glass.
  10. What do you smoke outta?
  11. If you use a tin foil made bowl

    You're gonna have a bad time.

    Lol South Park.

  12. I have a SYN mini showerhead.

    Before that, was a SYN beaker bottom bong, cheap, effective, like $70.

    Before that, pipes.

    Never used homemade pieces, ever. Just not my thing, glass is cheap enough, and I couldn't justify smoking from plastic.
  13. Hahah that's dope, and understandable. I just end up spending all my money on weed. But I'm planning on buying a glass bong..... Recommendations?

  14. Price range? What are you looking for in a bong, glass on glass? Scientific style? beaker? straght tube?
  15. Probably like 100 dollars, I really don't care I just want something pretty sweet. Whatever goes

  16. You could get a decent straight tube with a new downstem for that price.

    Look for 18mm (or 14, but I like 18 better), glass on glass, and find a nice downstem, maybe a showerhead piece (alex k should go for around $40, they make a good showerhead downstem).

    Go to your LHS and check it out. Don't buy, just browse. Tell them your budget, and see what's available. Check out any other local ones, til you find one you like, then come back into the shop, tell them you been looking around and you enjoyed their products more and are looking to buy today, they should definitely try to hook you up to seal the deal.

    Never buy the first thing you see, you'll always regret it.

    But, for fast clearing and decent diffusion, definitely straight tube. Looking for more chug, and more water for better diffusion (but more drag), then go for a beaker setup in that range.

    The rest is just your preference: ice pinch, design, name brand.
  17. Sweet thanks! I'll be lookin around, plus a new HS just opened so I'm gonna check that out. Should I avoid ordering online?

  18. You could if you want, GC has some great pieces and some affordable options. There's others shops too, but I can't mention them or discuss them since they are competitors to this website.
  19. If you do order online, try to avoid gogopipes and chunky glass. As well as other similar sites. The prices may be attractive, but the quality is terrible.
  20. Got any recommendations? As long as it rips good that's all I want

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