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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by name, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. plants are showing third set of leaves,

    leaves are starting to have yellow splotches,
    and they are shrivling up.

    and the plants are also in an inclosed area where it gets
    pretty warm. could i not be watering them enough?

    some of the leaves are turning up and some of the leaves are turning down.

    any insight is greatly appreciated!!
  2. What kind of soil are you useing? It sounds to me like you may have a PH problem an, or to much heat..Do you have proper ventelation? You need a tester to test your soil..that way you can answer some of your Q's when you run into problems..If you fed them already, then it might be a over fert. problem..Try some of these things an let us know more about your chamber an your lighting..Stay cool & I hope ya grow big Budz..:D:D:D
  3. there's plenty of ventilation, and the temp stays between 80 and 90.
    occassionally it will get to 95.
    i don't have the money for a good ph tester and i don't trust the cheaper test.
    i dropped the lights down to 14 and a half hours of light and nine and a half dark.
    the humidity is pretty low, but i haven't used any ferts.
    the soil is some cheap bag stuff mixed with about 30%

    it is now the next day and they haven't got any better or any worse. they look exactly the same way they did yesterday.
  4. a thread i read yesterday alerted me to the use of aluminum foil, and i had a big piece under the seedlings.
    it was causeing hot spots on the leaves.
  5. I had the same problem last season outside. The leaves curled up and pretty much the only thing left was the stem and that was it. I think i was under watered and the heat may of been too high. You want to keep your grow room from 70-77F and 85F the most.
  6. I am assuming you are in vegiatation mode, I would flush first of all and keep the lights on 24/7 for extra tlc until they are better wait a day or two then start using nutes again at 1/8 -1/4 strength. Easy way to test the lights to see if its too hot on them is to put the back of your hand over the plants and if its too hot for your hand then its too hot for them.

    It sounds like overferting to me. Can you post a pic?

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