somethings wrong! please help!

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  1. so i have two plants for a first grow and they were looking great for the first 14 days. now on day 16 they're looking very weak and sick. does anybody know what it looks like is wrong? the first two pictures are of plant 1. the second two are of plant 2

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  2. sorry for the sideways pictures i can't figure out how to rotate them
  3. Over/underwatering? Just a thought..
  4. I was Thinking that but I've read a lot about over and under watering and I can't tell which one it is. It looks very green and full of water but feels dry and brittle. I watered them both woth 2 cups last night
  5. Two cups for those buckets arent gonna cut could have bone dry soil at the bottom and drying and dying roots could be the problem..i use promix and in three gal smart pots i have to use a full gallon per plant every three days or so..
  6. Okay I actually just transplanted into those buckets yesterday after watering though. I was in a smaller pot yesterday when I watered
  7. Ok then you may have transplant biggie theyll start growing in a day or so..when i changed mine from three gals to fives they drooped a little and stopped growing for two days...
    Have you given them nutrients? Nutes can be a bad thing too early...if the ph is off it can lock out nutes from getting to your plant..
  8. I haven't given them nutes yet I was gonna wait another week. I have them already though. I just moved from mirical gronorganic (bad choice but the plants looked awesome) and I just transferred to fox farm ocean forest an they look like this. Should I water them you think? And my ph is 6.3
  9. Your ph is perfect. ..Give them some many gallons are those pots? Also a really good product to help em along through tough times are superthrive and thrive alive. ..Thrive alive is vitamin b for em..alot of people have said they water with thrive alive when they transplant and they get no slow or shock in growth..and superthrive is hormones and vitamins. .Great stuff..ff ocean forest is great that theyre in a good soil and into bigger containers im sure within a day or so theyll be thriving..i have to say though they look overwatered..when they curl down like that its usually too much water..when i water my five gals its two gallons every five far as nutes go organics are alot harder to f up with..another thing i always do is i add oerlite to my promix...the soiless mixes are just to hold the roots and the plant upright...all the food is given by mixxing it right into the water...i also add wormcastings and that way i dont have to even touch nutes for the first three weeks..
  10. Should I water them with 2 gallons now so that way I can get on a watering schedule or do you think that extra water would drown then?
  11. Anyone?? Haha
  12. Sry...thought i sent this already....yeah water em gallon then wait a minute then start adding the next till you have a little bit of runout from the bottom...then you know your good..always water till some runs out...when you use nutes itll be out with the old in with the new
  13. Okay awesome man that's real helpful. Let's me know how to water correctly. Thanks a ton
  14. I just realized, all my runoff sits in a tray under my pot. So won't it absorb backlight the pot giving it old nutes when I water? Or should I drain the run off

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