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  1. [ame=]Dude punches chick, cops kick dudes ass - YouTube[/ame]

    0:20 seconds in


  2. This argument has been thrown around a thousand times..

    Even if the girl hits a man first, you dont have the right to fucking sock her in the face..

    Like that fucking douchebag did and he GOT what he deserves.,
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    i think that is discrimination against women. Should women not be equally responsible for their own actions?

    humans have instincts and his reaction was self defense.

    am i missing something?
  4. this pisses me off.

    she attacks him, he defends himself, he gets thrown on the ground by the cops and no doubt he was sent to jail.

    what a bunch of bullshit.
  5. She shouldn't be off completely free though..

    You can tell they were all wasted though...sigh...alcohol..
  6. Inb4 you should never hit a woman.
  7. She pretty much just slapped him and he went ape shit on her.
    Thats whats wrong imo
  8. Idk, my sister fought back and they tried to slap her with assault. lol

    I think this might've been a shady situation.
  9. haha um no nothings wrong there. That dude just took a manly swing at her. I'm suprised the cop diden't shoot him.
  10. An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
    Mahatma Gandhi
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    You Quoted Ghandi
    You must be such a philosopher

    But really, her thing was a bit more than a slap, and you can see she was going for another hit, but he like instantly punched. But yea he was out of line. Should've given her a stern shove.
  12. Girl punches me in the face, i laugh in her face. I won't hit a girl lol.
  13. That wasn't defense on his part, that was a retaliation, there's a difference. That doesn't excuse her being let off free, though, because she initiated it. As far as I know, her 'crime' should be legally worse than his because of that.

    Honestly though, in that situation, I'd react as fast as the cop did to the guy, because he was definitely raging.

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