Something's wrong and i can't quite put my finger on it!!

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  1. Well my plant's been like this for a week now and i'm not sure if it's a potassium deficency or over fert, or heat stress....i'm pretty sure it's not the later as i have done the hand test and it's fine.....she's under a 150mh light and is on a 18/6 cycle....she was re-potted last week from a 6" pot to a 10" pot....i did however make the mistake of using baby bio sticks too early as i was later informed that the soil has enough fert for approx 3 weeks. the ph level is 6.5 and she continues to grow very well in height and especially in bushness...(if such a word exists) the strain is unknown and the leaves are tending to curl under slightly and also curl round at an angle.....if anyone can help please reply.....Peace out....Sid

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  2. she also has some little holes appearing on the leaf like so

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  3. and a cut in the leaf like this

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  4. the fist leave sto show it were the lower ones

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  5. but like i said she's still growing this pic shows

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  6. Riding the edge of overfert....water only for a bit,,,may not have enough light to be able to use the available food,,,real good that the ph is fine....more reason to wain on the ferts a bit,,it's not to late...

    the split happens..

    the other leaves may be from a temporary attack of a bug that got in the door,,look for it on the underside of leaves,,it may even be gone already...

  7. Iflushed my plant with approx 3/4 the volume of the medium and let it drain well.....the water was like piss colour....i think my ph tester is faulty....i think i had ph lock as the growth started to get stunned......i put her back under the light and 4 hours later she was reaching more droopy leaves....tnx for the advice guys....i did have to lose a couple of small leave s like you said critter.......Peace out....Sid

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