something's strange in the neighbourhood

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  1. hey guys so i just smoked a couple bowls chilling outside on the patio when my ex girlfriend (who i have recently been fucking again)'s mom texts me asking me to come over asap. i'm pretty baked and i told her i would go over soon. the fuck is going on?!

    what should i do? am i just tripping out or is something strange here? we're all pretty close you can say so i don't know if i'm just thinking it's sketchy when it's not.
  2. She knows you smoked. Shes gonna call the cops. Dip to africa
  3. 3 some with ma and daughter?
  4. really the only logical solution here.
  5. Did you even think to ask her why she wanted you to come over?
  6. So instead of going over there you made a post on GC?
  8. Text back, "why?"
  9. yeah its probably just a threesome, no worries.
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    You cAnt talk till you finish your story now GO!!!
  11. i bet the ex gf is pregnant
  12. When there's something strange in your neighber hood.....who you gonna call.....GHOST BUSTERS DU DU DA DU DAH DU DIDIDY DID DUH
  13. are you fuckin retarded? text her back and ask why... if its a shitty reason tell her ur busy and call ur ex over.. beat it up again
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    Oh shit. That's definitely it lmfao @ the OP's life being over
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    I hear hospitals are giving out free coathangers to single pregnant women
  16. Would the cop be up for a threesome if it was a chick?
  17. Is the mom a MILF?

    I'm guessing the daughter's not there and the mother needs some sexual healing.

    Give it to her dirty.
  18. Give us an update. Interested to know how it goes. :D
  19. haha i should have known i wouldn't get any serious answers from you guys! so i show up and it turns out she just wanted to chat about a few things, but i was so high, it was hard following a train of thought and talking for a long time trying to act sober.

    at one point she even asked me if i was a little stoned! it made me laugh but i told her my eyes were just red from the chlorine (i work at a pool and my ex gf (who is turning out to be not so much an "ex") is an olympic swimmer haha
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