Somethings going on With leaves

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  1. Soil is 3/4 happy frog, 1/4 ProMix, 2 tablespoon of lime and 2 cups of mushroom compost in a 7 gallon fabric bag. Light is 1000w halide. Temps are mid to high 70s. Water once a week, fed 4 days ago with 1tsp to a gallon on filtered water.
  2. It’s going to be difficult to say what is going on with ya leaves if we cannot see them my friend.
  3. B3B71C6D-78F6-4184-8BF5-5A6217817481.jpeg B3B71C6D-78F6-4184-8BF5-5A6217817481.jpeg 011981B3-A5FC-4EC1-8202-600CEE4D6089.jpeg

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  4. It’s my first time posting pics, I think I got them to upload.
  5. Measure the runoff water to get PPM's ane PH.
    I'm betting PH is way off
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  6. The leaf on the bottom picture to the right of the one you are holding, may be showing signs of nutrient burn, but the one in your hand looks Like it may be pest related, I should let someone more experienced lead you on your path to plant recovery lol
  7. How big are the plants? Watering once a week don’t seem frequent enough. If ur pot is taking a week to dry out then ur plant is most likely to small for the pot, try watering with less water and more often
  8. I watered it with water ph’d at 8, my soil is in the lower-mid 6 range. Aside from 2 leaves at the bottom that look that way, the upper portion seems fine.

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