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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by XxFirexX, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. Ok, as i look back to Naughty's 20 day old pix post...i notice something. His plants are ten times bigger than mine. I have been growing for about 2 weeks already, and my plants havent broken 6 inches. They look healthy, they just arent big, or even bushy. Am i doing something wrong?

    My soil is some potting soil i picked up from the Big-K, and i kinda sifted it when i put it in, to make it nice and airy. Im using almost 300 watts of floros. ive been watering about every three days. no ferts. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!?!

    oh, and the strains are Cyber Cristal, and Ice. Any help would be very very very muchly appreciated!!!

  2. hes probably got better lighting than you..300 watts of fluoros is good, but it just doesnt compare to an really does make a difference!

    also different strains grow differently
  3. I would say strain prob has a lot to do with it. Go pick up a 70w HPS from Home Depot $50 man, it will pay for itself.

    What I did find with my grow, is my slower growing plants have nice heavy stems, vs fast growing slim plants.
  4. hey Fire, do not be alarmed, you most likely have females if they are behind on growth from mine. those 2 biggest plants did grow super fast and bypassed the 2 that are fems. that should have been the smoking gun of proof.

    so please dont worry, and they were all veged under floros for 5 weeks before going hps. when they got under the hps, they all got bigger! :)
  5. thanks everybody!! im down on my money for the moment (my gramma just had a birfday, and since she took me in after i got kicked out of my moms house i bought her a $400 sewing machine) but...the evil criminal in me wants to steal one from my neighborhood. i live in a town home community, where noone ever comes out of their house, because they are all old people!! They have security lights hangin on all the garages...and even behind them, where theres fences, and no people can hardly get back there anyhow. So i was thinkin maybe go back there, knock one one would notice! and they are 750 watt HPS!!!

    Should i?! or should i not?!

    THANKS AGAIN!!! ill keep everyone up to date on my plants!!

  6. I wouldnt..Firstly, gives heat around your place, as shade said, and because it gives potheads a bad name, and isn't a great thing to do to old people in general :p
  7. i say no Fire, bad idea. of course if you were to rip off a light, the older folk will mostly likely contact LEO and there not as dumb as we would like to believe. 2+2 ya know? theyd most likely suspect someone in the vicinity was up to something.

    if you work, and make a decent wage, you should be able to at least save for a 70 hps, that should hold you over till you can upgrade to at least a 400.

    i think either way you have time since you can veg for as long as you want, besides a longer vegd plant will always show you thanks when she's flowering ! :)
  8. i agree...don't steal...kharma is a muthaf***er...

  9. i wasnt actually 100% going to steal the was more of a maybe, and then i would gauge the reactions i got from you guys....and it seems to be a resounding NOOOOOOOOOO. prob, ill just earn the money, and do it the right way!

    Also...i was wondering if maybe it might help my plants at all to turn the lights to 18/6? Since about two days ago, the ice has shot wayyy up, and has grown about 2 1/2 inches. but the cristal hasnt...its leaves has grown a very small bit, but as far as growing taller, it hasnt. So, i was just wondering if anyone thought that 18/6 would help in anyway?!


  10. i believe i read that having an 18-6 is less stressful on plants. stress can turn a plant male...yuck...(keep in mind that i am usually stoned when i come to the forum)...hope that helps you...

  11. i wud of stole 1. but im a bad boy.

    didnt think they made a 750w HPS? find out wot watt they r and have a free surply of new lamps 4 life! when ur lamp blows just swap it with 1 of ther lamps and the next day they swap the blown lamp 4 a brand new1.

    (note: this post is 4 entertainment only. Mr Wylde does in no way condone or encorage the breaking of the law. now hes off to get stoned and play with his plants)
  12. Fire your grow is 24/7? thats probably while youre behind if so, believe me i started 24/7 for 2 weeks, and switched to 18/6, i noticed an increase in growth in like 2 days, it was that noticeable, if you are 24/7, you may want to turn back.
    give those kids a rest! :)

    Guess i should asked sooner...ok..will im gonna give the kids some rest!!
    So naughty, how long did you veg? (it feels weird calling you naughty..i feel like im in a sex chat or somethin, jk!!)

    Barnaby-hey, hows about you come here (tho im sure its a looooooooong journey) and you can steal it for me. then when suspicions arise, i can honestly say i didnt steal it!!

    Thanks for all your help everyone!!!!

  14. u do tend to get a growth spurt around the 2week mark, its when the plant has rooted well and is readdy to grow. also some of that may of bin streach from the plant wondering where the hell the light went.

    24/0 shud give faster growth, a rest at night tho does make 4 a less stressed plant and is a good thing. 18/6 or 24/0, its down to u.
  15. sup Fire, i vegd for about 5 weeks, im getting ready to go back into veg i think, check my post and see what im talking about. :)

  16. u pay the air fare and i'll get u a light off the runway when the plane lands if ya want?
  17. ok.....well the plants i had somehow died. But ya know what...fuck em. im tired of dealing with that floro bullshit!!!! I went out today and bought two yes, two 100 watt(yea, so its not THAT much, but better than floros!) HPS's. Local hardware store was having a "founders day" sale...ok, whatever. I got both of them for $70. Thats not 70 each....thats 70 total!!!! i have to ask a question or two...of course! How far away should i put the lights? my growspace is a closet that i have half of sectioned off. the half i am using is 3 ft across X 2 ft back X it can be up to 6 ft tall, but i have a shelf that makes it only 4 1/2. so.........if you wouldnt mind oh genius growers of the forum, please direct me in the right...direction!


  18. nice buy.

    about 4 to 6 inchs depending on age of plant and if u have the 2 lights both on the same plant. use the back of the hand test. shine the light on the back of ur hand. if ur hand gets to warm then its to near 4 both u and the plant.

    leave the shelf in. handy way to hang ur lamps and thats plenty of light, 2x100w over 6sqft shud have u aiming to grow 18inch plants. the warm shelf(warm from the lamps) will b an ideal place to start seeds and clone. also a good place to put ur remote balasts if u have them.

    buy some seeds. northen lights wud b ideal.

    read plenty of grow guides.

    dont get sarcastic with remarks like genius growers or some smart arse will tell u to put ur lamp 2foot away and buy haze seeds.
  19. i was being 100% sincere with the genius comment. I dont think any one has helped me more with their knowledge than you guys on this forum. Especially you barnaby!!! all the senior members(the ones who have many grows under their belts) are absolutly amazing at relaying their knowledge and such, you guys always give quick responses, and ALWAYS give the correct advice. I trust in you guys!! So do not think that i was being sarcastic with that comment, i was actually being very nice!

    So.....thank you all very much!!!!!


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