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Something Wrong With My Seedlings?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by dams, Apr 25, 2014.

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    I have one other one, it looks fine though. All grown from bagseed but in the past few days these two have seemed like they're stunted or something. Any advice?

    Edit: they're all about 3 inches tall, 2 weeks old

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  2. Those are two weeks old? Ouch. Are you sure they're getting enough light? I have a couple seedlings less than 2 weeks that are much bigger... I would almost say 10 times as big.
  3. Are they outdoor?
  4. transplant into bigger pots bro. they need space.
  5. ^^^^ this
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    Crappy soil, lack of light, or both.

    The soil looks to have almost no perlite, or larger pieces of material. From the picture it appears to be very fine and peat based, which often means poor aeration in the root zone and slow growing or completely stunted plants.
  7. Thanks for the comments everyone. They are outdoor, the one doing better is in a much larger pot. Are there any soils you guys would recommend for outdoor plants?

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  8. What lighting are you using? I use CFL's and because of this it takes longer for my plants to grow than lets say direct sunlight
  9. Using direct sunlight. They get like 13 or 14 hours a day

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  10. Not gettin enough light it looks like. If the plant can't photosynthesize, then it can't grow.
  11. Put them right in the ground and let them grow.
  12. That's what I'm planning on actually, I just haven't found the perfect spot quite yet. Going back to look again tomorrow

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  13. your welcome.. yes all these people saying its soil or light and its most definately the pot size... you answered it there.. unless you got it under a carport or something, most everything grows between trees not all the sun is stopped even in shaded areas.
  14. (you could spend $$ on store bought soil instead of useing the free but why?)...i'd recommend you take a big snow shovel out in a wash area where nothing grows and sift it with a smaller chicken wire into a wheelbarrow.  you just want the dirt. throw back the leaves/sticks/stones.....mix 1:1:1 perlite, earthworm castings, backyard soil use this as base soil ... and if you can add some kelp, bone, and blood meals, high p bat guanos, etc and cook it for a month that'd be even better.
  15. Sounds good. Noobish question but would all those be available at a gardening store or a hydroponics store? There's both in my town, just don't know which to go to.

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