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  1. this is o.g. kush I purchased the seeds from it literially made the paint peel off my walls with the stink and it looks orgasmic. I harvested when the trichomes were 30% amber and I wet trimmed then hung upside down in a NON-dark room which was really dry and had about 20-25% humidity at max to which it took 3 days and was becoming crispy dry. it lost 100% of its smell the only way u could get a hint of dank was if you squeezed the crap out of it. I put it in mason jars for 2 weeks burping and no smell came back and also when smoked it gave little to no buzz and what came of it only lasted like 20mins.

    need some advice so I don't mess up like this ever again.

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  2. I don't have any idea what you did "wrong." We do ours exactly the same way except that when we hang them to dry for 2 or 3 days initially, it's done in a totally dark cabinet with some slight air movement going through. You said you hung yours in a room that wasn't dark. But that's the only difference I see. Other than that, it would have to be strain issues. Maybe your seeds weren't what they professed to be. I don't know what could've caused it, but what a total bummer!! I grew some OG Kush for a little while and though I eventually weeded it out of the strains I grow, it was always very potent and gave you a really good buzz. I just didn't like the way it grew in comparison to the other strains we were working with at the time. I certainly don't profess to know everything about curing, but hanging them at first in a dark room with low humidity and some air movement is how you're supposed to do the initial dry. It usually takes ours about 48 hours, depending on the thickness and density of the bigger tops/buds, to get to a point where they can go into jars. We doubled our flower lighting several months ago and the buds also doubled in size and density and it takes longer to get that initial moisture out of them than it used to. The first batch I cured after the light addition I didn't let dry long enough and had some of it mold on me. Another BUMMER!! LOL But you live and learn I guess. The more of this stuff you grow, the better you get at it and the more it makes sense, so keep on keepin' on. Just because this particular plant/batch didn't turn out right doesn't mean that the next one won't be great. Keep on reading up on the grow and cure processes and see if you can find something in there that didn't match up with what you did. Happy growing! TWW
  3. Sounds like it got way to dry too quickly, read more into the crying and curing stages that's your problem i'm guessing. I usually chop the entire plant and hang it upside down rather than small branches until the sugar leaves start to feel a little crisp but not bone dry, then straight to jars for a month.
  4. thanks for the replies everyone. I was kind of thinking the same that the room wasent dark and the humidity was very low and it did dry very fast. I am just trying to get as much info a possible about what could of went wrong I'm currently on week 6 almost 7 of fem ww I have it in a dwc setup under 2 - 400w hps lights. I cant afford to lose. here is a pic for enjoyment! wish me luck :D

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  5. I'm lazy so I'll just cut and paste this..
    You likely screwed the dry so no cure was possible.. I learned the hard way screwing up time after time before I got a grip on what I was doing wrong..

    My grow is So Calif and between the temps and the very low humidity it's very easy to over dry.. Even a single day to long on the line can ruin it all..
    To keep the wife happy all my work is restricted to the garage so I get to be inventive at times.. If you search long enough you'll come across the 777 of drying .. This being the 7 days @ 70 degrees @ 70% humidity.. Works well if you have a temp and humidity controlled room.. We don't so we used jars to achieve the same ends..

    While I started in jars this soon proved impractical trying to unscrew all the jars over and over.. Some trial and error later I worked out a method to limit exposure to our stone dry air and still get things done in a timely way..

    I take the plant a branch at a time and trim close while seconds off the living plant.. All the leafs are standing tall and you don't get a better shot at trimming.. Hang..
    Depending on temp and humidity this stage can take from 24 hours to a week.. just hung bud is dead limp to the touch after 12 hours or so.... When the buds start to stiffen when slightly compressed I remove from the branches.. Usually about 3 days depending on temps and how low the humidity is..
    And the buds get placed in cut down paper shopping bags about 3 inches tall..
    Next I place the bags in a air snug-tight container.. Mostly I use either an Ice Chest or a New unused Trash Can.. I try and size the container to the load.. You don't want 1 bag of buds in a trash can..
    While I did use several hygrometers early on for this stage I've since found I can do it all just by feel now.. Leave bags in can till limp to the touch again.. This first day that won't take very long. a couple of hours... Once limp remove from container and set bags out till stiff when compressed slightly.. I'll flip the contents of the bags to a third bag to get the lowest buds up on top.. I'll continue this rotation of the bags into and out of the container gradually spending less and less time exposed.. the last few days the bags will only be out an hour or so.. This takes me about 7 days..
    This is where I do use the Hygrometers.. The can is now acting like a large jar.. Your best readings come in the morning after the can has had 12 hours or more to stabilize and will tell you how much exposure your product will need that day.. Combined with a hygrometer telling me what is outside helps..
    A full can requiring a single meter as well as being able to get the product in and out rapidly made this a much more practical way at least in the extremely dry SW USA..

    Once the can has reached 65% and 7 to 10 days have elapsed It gets jarred in Half Gallon mason jars with a 62% Boveda 60 gram and I'm done.. 60 days minimum cure time for me.. Longer is better but you'll have a very respectable smoke in 2 months..

    Caution this may get you a large container of mold in a less dry area.. Just what I've worked out in my smoking hot and extremely dry garage..

  6. I have placed bud in jars after 1 tom 2 days and kept burping them and opening them much more often than the usual method. The end result was buds that has the elasticity of tobacco leaf. If you go over to smoke reports you will see what people thought of the papaya strain. I think it is about 12 threads down in the smoke report since they were posted before Christmas.

    It took me about 2 months of constant observation and mixing buds inside the jar but it is something I plan to do again.

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