Something weird just happened

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  1. I was at the doctor getting a check up and the nurse had to grab my balls and shit. She was hot as hell, so as shes feeling my balls i start to get a boner and she then grabbed my dick for like 10 seconds then said "ok all done" i left there and i was like wtf just happened
  2. she wanted the D ;)

    but when id go as a teen, the nurse would always be young and hoy, and id always do my best to not get a boner, just to evade that awkward moment where it goes all big in her hands ahaha
  3. I was tempted to cock slap her but then i thought, "what if this is part of the checkup?"
  4. hahahah would have been hilariously awkward ! ahahahha!
  5. probably would have been your last appointment there aha, would have sucked though, no more hot nurse touching your dick ahhaha
  6. That's my worst fear, my doctor would proboly never look at me the same :(

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  7. She probably went into the storage closet and started licking her hand or some weird shit like that.
  8. did i read corectly, "sent from Iphone 6" ???? duude, did you just write that to joke around or do you work for apple?
  9. Two words, Time Travel :cool:

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  10. So are you posting from the future? Pm me wit some lotto numbers, and I'll put half in a high interest savings account for your troubles :wave:
  11. The ten second dick hold is just to see if you have a penis. Apparently you did fine , just fine..
  12. what kind of check up is that and how do i get one
  13. Lol, that's what im saying.

  14. OMG Haha what. :laughing:
  15. Well you always want at least a semi boner around a hot nurse, just tell her next time that she made you hard for her and try to get her
  16. Thats awesome! I remember getting a physical in like 8th grade, and I was so fucking nervous because I heard they might touch your balls, and I was hairless, so for some reason assumed that would be the most awkward part, but as fate would have it. The doctor didnt check for hernias by the ole twist and cough
  17. Pics or it didn't happen
  18. I personally would have went "OOOOUUUUUAAAGGGGGHHHNNNNNNN" as perverted as i could sound.

    hahahah that would have been hilarious
  19. :D oops sorry I slipped

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