Something weird i've been seeing... Help?

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  1. Hey guys, in my shower, the two lights above the shower have broken, and so the rest of the shower is lit but then the curtain blocks a lot of light, slightly dark shower :(

    So yeah, there are little folds in the curtain, and the light comes through there into the bath, and hits the water.

    What I noticed is that, the blobs of water that were on the light side (created by the folds in the curtain) that crossed onto the darker side, glowed. But the streams of water from the start of the light side to the dark side didn't glow at all, but the ones on the edge of both glowed!


    Pics I quickly took.

    Anyone able to explain this?
  2. I dont know so aliens must of done it
  3. Do you see what I mean, though?

    I am genuinely baffled, I hope someone can explain this!
  4. Not sure man, but to the guy that said aliens did it, you're trying way to hard to be funny... way to hard.
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    It's probably the curtains color being magnified into the drops by the light. You can't see it on the light side because the curtain isn't in front of the drop, and when you look on the light side, there's no direct light behind the curtain to magnify the color through the drop. Idk though.. can't really see the glow in the photo.
  6. You can clearly see the water droplet on BOTH sides, and even clearer on the dark side. It's just so strange, something that can be explained by simple physics?
  7. I think it has to do with direct light coming through the curtain, then through the drop. The odd sphere shape of the drop causes the color of the curtain to appear within the drop, but it's probably just because water always obscures physical appearance.

    I can't really explain it from a physics aspect, but I'd say it's more or less an illusion of color from the curtain and direct light.
  8. Some kind of refraction bullshit

  9. What I was thinking. Cause water entered that denser medium it had to go through the whole medium or something?
  10. Man, you must have some potent bud!

    Or a detailed eye! ;)

  11. I saw it stoned the first time, and every time after I was sober, I re-checked it and did little experiments lol.

    Thinking about try a proper experiment with full darkness.
  12. Ohyou mean like you can still see em in the dark? Id imagine it like a lake.. can still see the ground around five feet deep. But twenty is dark. So those little drops carry a little amount.t of light to appear like they are glowing in the dark? But if u completely turn the lights out do they glow? Dunno super baked :smoking:

  13. To let you know, there is no source of light on the other side of the that shower curtain. Any light that is there (which is more or less none) just comes from a little from the gap at the top and the very little light through the curtain (it's a thick one).
  14. When the light hits half of the droplet, part of it is reflected back to your eye and part of it is refracted through the water. The spot of most-intense reflection is the little super-shiny part and, as you can see, this necessarily occurs on a spot that the light is actually hitting. The rest of the droplet is lit up from the refracted light. It glows, rather than shines, because its surface isn't actually getting hit by any light; light is coming through it.

    The interesting thing is that this refracted light is technically slightly older than the light that reflects, as it is travelling further. Thus, half of the droplet you're seeing is older than the other half.

  15. Thank you so much, sir! I am very thankful you gave me an answer, much appreciated :)

    May I ask, how do you know? As in, physics classes, general knowledge, how? Not challenging, just like to know where you learn that :)
  16. Great, somebody just had to divide by 0. :rolleyes:
  17. I think you smoked to much....ahahah! this is great....dudes trippin off of light being reflected off water droplets and shit....i love it!
  18. Not tripping man, it's real stuff haha.
  19. Double rainbow

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