Something weird happened

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  1. So time is around 3am Friday morning, my dad is sleeping and I'm walking down the stairs to go to my room. As I'm walking down the stairs, I noticed my dad's door was open. As I reach the bottom step I look in, and see this weird white shape right next to the bed where my dad is sleeping. At first I thought I was just seeing something, or my eyes were playing tricks on me. I pay no attention, and walk down the hall to my room. As I get into my room, I hear my dad groaning, and moving around. He starts getting really startled as if he's scared as fuck. Instantly I remember the white shape, and run to the room. Nothing was there, and everything was quiet.

    Not sure what to think, just really weirded out.
  2. His soul came out by accident
  3. Dude, I'm kinda wondering if you're trolling. I just saw your other thread about your ghost dog finding your lighter or whatever.
  4. weird shit my two partners who are brothers put it on their momma that one night they encountered an apparition of a teenage boy who disappeared straight into the ground
  5. [quote name='"chronicman00"']weird shit my two partners who are brothers ..[/quote]

    damn that is weird bro

  6. That's fucked up dude 0_o
    @Flapflip: I assure you, I'm not trolling.
  7. You must be the kind of pot smoker that goes schitzophrenic from doing it too much

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