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Something weird happened after i smoked last night..plz look

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bigsack, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Ok so i've been smoking about every other day if not every day since my freshman year of high school, i am now a senior. I bought an ounce a week ago and i was down to my last j. I smoked half of it before i went to bed 2 nights ago. Well i smoked the other half last night and it scared the shit out of me. I was walking down my steps to go to my room in the basement and i turned to go into the bathroom and just collapsed, I was so light headed and i just passed out. I realize it idk how long later, got up went to the bathroom and did the same thing. I took a shit and just sat there holding my head. When i finally made it to my room i instantly collapsed agiain. Eventually i made it to my bed and i starting sweating like a mother fucker and just passed out. I have never in my life felt this way, i still feel weird right now. I know it wasnt laced bc the other half i smoked didnt do shit, plus i've been dealin with the same guy for 4 years so it wouldnt be anyway, were real tight. I just want to know what the fuck happened?
  2. you had a whitey - plain and simppppppple
  3. :p:smoking:
  4. i've actually seen that happen to a friend of mine several times who is a girl and weighs like 90 lbs. I figured it was because of her small size and lack of oxygen while smoking caused her body to just give out and pass out. So random... too bad scientists can't do studies on weed to figure out why things like this happen because you're def. not alone.
  5. Did long after standing up did your "falls" take place?

    I get EXTREMELY light-headed, to the point I literally go blind, sometimes when I stand up and take a few steps. It can be overwhelming, but I've never passed out from it...

    Haha, that reminds me of a time in high school when I was rolling on some naked ladies, and the VP wanted to talk to me, and I was laying down at the time, and I stood up, walked to her and started talking then all of a sudden I got lightheaded and BLIND! I know my pupils were absolutely fat already, but me being blind mid sentence didn't help at all!
  6. i've actually had that kinda shit happen to me.
    but only when i was high.
    id get up and feel light-headed as fuck and all of the sudden i go blind,it like fades away starting from the top and ends at the bottom.
    kindaa craazzy,but only lasts a few seconds.
  7. Yeah if I'm laying down and I stand up quickly I get lightheaded almost every time. Sometimes I go blind for a few seconds like I'm about to black out but I've never actually lost conciousness.
  8. Scientifically, it sounds like you didn't have enough oxygen in your body and you just passed out, from lack of oxygen.
  9. Happens to me all the time when standing too quickly after reclining for a good while. Vision completely fades and you are essentially blind for a few seconds :(
  10. This happened to me a few months ago. I took a hit and when I got up I got way dizzy. I've gotten dizzy like that before but I actually passed out, my vision was totally blurry and my hearing was muffeled. I was sweating bullets for the first few minutes, then was shivvering and cold for the next few minutes.

    I took a 2 week T-Break after that. Still don't know what the cause was exactly, low blood pressure perhaps but it was way scary.
  11. effektz - you couldnt have explained it any better. I was sweating like a mother fucker. Imma take a t-break i think, it was fuckin scary.
  12. I've gone temporarily blind before but it was after about a 2 hour hotbox, and I didn't get any fresh air the whole time, but I just got out layed down on the bed and was good in like 5 minutes, pretty scary though the loss of vision progressively got worse until I was straight blind.
  13. this happens to me a lot like almost every day, and i get dizzy and i just have to close my eyes cause shit turns black. but i never pass out. can somebody tells me why this happens??
  14. i've heard of many pot heads complain of these phases...i've had some myself. periods of time, usually a couple weeks, where when i smoke any substantial amount i would get weird headaches and all i could do was just pass out...it was weird. my advice? smoke through it. lol <3
  15. My friend fainted in my kitchen after we smoked. He was just staring in space and then all the sudden collapsed onto the ground. That's the only time I've seen it happen.
  16. I had this happen to me once. I was at a party and I was chugging a bottle of whiskey. I got drunk and smoked a blunt and a couple bowls. I walked to the porch and lit a cigarette. I went blind for like a minute or two than I just fell over. After I laid on the porch for a while my sight came back and I felt better. I have no idea if it was the weed or whiskey, but it was fucking wierd. I've never seen it happen to anybody else either.
  17. Dats sum good shite! :smoking:
  18. this happened to a buddy of mines girlfriend back in high school. i smoke with her twice and twice she passed out, not like fainting, just straight blacked out and was hard to wake up. she had some kind of medical problem that i didn't find out about until her dad (who was told all about this) came over to my dads and told him how serious this could get. good thing my dad didn't give a shit and i never smoked w/ her again. so yeah, you might want to get a physical and tell the doc about it. better safe than sorry.
  19. This is all because you realized you were out of weed and you got scared and passed out, I would be too if my marijuana was gone.
  20. I get head rushes, everything goes black and you can only see a little bit in the center, if that, and sometimes it's whit instead, but I've never passed out.

    I have a friend who doesn't like ever smoke, but once he was really high, and I wasent there, but he was like standing up in someones kitchen getting munchies after he'd been sitting a while, and went totally blind, like freaked out, but by the time people got in from the other room, he could see well enough again. It's just when you're high, and you stand up, the blood drains from your head, and because of the highness, you feel it much more and the sudden effect changes balances you got used to while sitting down.

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