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  1. ok this story doesnt have much to do with spirits its more of a mental challenge for me so might be wrong section

    anyways about a year ago a friend calls me up and wants me to take a greyhound bus with him to denver (we dont live in colorado) to get alot of weed im talking pounds i tell him sure weve done it befor why not.The day comes and we get on the bus about 45min out of the city on our way to denver i have a panic attack and have to get off the bus and hitched a ride home.

    Ever sence that night ive had this irrational fear of traveling out of my city i almost feel like a prisoner now idk wtf is up with me ive been all across america when i was younger (im 21) i feel like if i try to leave im gonna have another panic attack and idk what would happen so yea theres my problem weird i know but maybe someone has advice cause its pissing me off
  2. If you tell yourself it's going to happen, it probably will. Don't focus on the phobia so much and eventually you'll be able to control it. Ahhh.. the power of the mind! :smoking:
  3. go on a t-break, too much weed makes you paranoid, i aint making this up, its real.
  4. You just have to do it & face the fear.

    Pick a nice beautiful day trip to some nearby city like an hour away. Don't make it drug related, maybe that's what sketched you. Just go to see someplace new & appreciate the scenery.

    During the trip, if that irrational fear does pop up in your head. Don't freak out, instead just step back for a minute and observe the fear. Observe what your so afraid of in the first place, and tell your ego to shut up & everything will be perfectly fine.

    All in the head :D

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