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  1. I keep searching for motivation in life that can only come from in my own mind... If its not mental exhaustion than its physical...all part of my own doing. I feel the lack of oxygen is starting to take its tole on me. but the hold that cigarettes and the weed have is far too strong. not just the chemical dependance but the life i have formed around smoking. I base my actions and leisure, all on consuming smoke. All in an effort to change my perception on life and reality. I started in a mind state of chaos. My thoughts everywhere at once, mixed in a jumble of emotion, so I let life take its coarse on me... letting experience come to me rather than forcing it on myself. It almost seems like an illusion that we are in control of our lives. Who's to say that your efforts weren't already waiting for you at the end of the 4th dimension(time). Weed has been a doorway to better forms of thought and curiosity rather than thinking I know everything because I was told it was right.

    my lack of motivation inhibits me from finding a proper job and being part of society... but the source can be found in my disgust for people... the ignorance that this whole damned species has for itself... which branches from its uncaring ways and the simple notion to think before you speak or act... patience for those that lack personal experience...The disinterest in culture and custom... constantly jumping to conclusion without any proper knowledge, or only half the facts, never factoring in the possibilities and little variables that effect ones judgement on any situation or PERSON.

    I was raised catholic, so my understanding as a child to present day has always been that ONLY GOD can judge... but it seems that the entire world(exaggeration) has a god complex... the first time I ever heard someone admit that was my teacher in grade 8 at a religious retreat. she said that she was conflicted by her religion (only god can judge) and her job (teacher). It seems that without "GOD" we have appointed educated people to take his place (judges, teachers, cops, etc.) but my belief is that ANYTHING man made has fault and is subject to the past, meaning that there is a reason (personal or group) that those establishments are there. Sometimes starting off with good intensions and slowly manipulated or starts as a stepping stone for manipulative people to gain their unmoral goals. Everything has a history stretching through generations and we have lost meaning through the time it takes for us to personally experience the effect of that history. That serves as a catalyst for the wrong ideas to form and be changed, into the world views we have today.

    Maybe the fact that we have to judge ourselves proves that "GOD" maybe doesn't exist or is completely different that what we imagine or read. Albert Einstein said that "we couldn't perceive the intensions of god" therefore we need to revamp the approach to world views on religion.

    Im forced to write based on how I feel. The writing is therapeutic. I feel that every experience can be altered in your mind at a subconscious level. chemicals are not what make you experience. The world as a population still cant pinpoint the source of consciousness therefore blaming bad or wrong behavior on chemical imbalance IS wrong itself. Your very being pumps through you in every cell and deep down we ARE all good... all striving for perfection... Perfection in the global sense. It seems we all shadow our real goal of SELF perfection at a faster rate than others in an attempt to manifest that god complex into reality.

    Its the most addictive thing in the world and we have never even experienced it... Being omnipotent. Then again who is to say that we even experience omnipotence after we die. We are so influenced by the fear of death we come up with very strange ideas of what it is like. I don't bother because I will know just like the rest of the planet and every person after me. Isn't it wonderfully human (sarcasm) to think that death will reveal everything, judge us and then leave us to more personal experience in heaven or hell... It just makes no sense.leave it to humanity to create an established body to tell its people how to be good when we already know. To create eyes to watch our every move in order to keep order. Its nothing but a waste of time and energy.

    What scares me, and I think about it every day, is: What if all we were meant to do in this life is to supply the earth with carbon dioxide... Thats it. all the structure... all the established order... all the knowledge and time... nothing but a constant struggle for nothing... I too am lost in the dilution of time...

    take a couple minutes every day and think macroscopically. Try to imagine the farthest reach of the universe and every effect it has on itself... slowly making your way to every experience on this planet... all the way to the microscopic world of atoms and the planck scale. obviously you cant know everything but the thought alone of how small you are and how the small pertains to the large is very humbling.

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  2. i read pretty much all of that........whats your point?

    live life to have fun
  3. no point... just a fallacies... attempting to provoke discussion

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