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Something to think about

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by InnerPeace, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Imagine the world legalizes marijuana. If there was some statistic I wonder how many alcoholics would be cured? I only focus on alcoholics because if someone was a junky or tweaker they're already obtaining illegal highs and legalization wouldnt help them in any way.
  2. Ya and suicide rates would go down. People would be happy. Some would realize the truth and quit their jobs. But I can't really see them keeping it legalized as they already make up propaganda bs they would say "well we legalized it and its created a 1% problem" just making up something they would say, oooooo the kids have easier access to it, ooooo people are getting tired of weed and are moving onto other drugs, and other dumb shit. But I would love to see it legalized! It pretty much is, I mean, imagine how many people smoke weed and how much weed they smoke. :hello: Shit if I wanted to go smoke some crack I could, If I wanted to drown my self with Alcohol I could, I could go shoot up some shit 2. But nah I'll just stick to good ol' natural MARY JANE! They say ooo marijuana is a gateway drug... ummmm definitely not for me... it makes me realize even more how dumb everything else is that IS LEGALIZED AND other illegal stupid drugs. :smoke:
  3. whenever I get crazy with alcohol drowning 40oz day after day i take a little puff of the maryjane and realize how stupid drugs even alcohol really are and badabing badaboom Im cured, by one puff of the plant.
  4. put it this way. If weed didnt exist for me to fuck around with I'd be out smoking cr*ck and h**oin(nope, never tried either and never will :))
  5. I know the rates would go down, my cousin is living evidence. He is a bright person, no genious, but bright. He never really drank til he was 21, his junior year in nursing school. He ended up having to retake it because he started drinking every night and could never study, wake up, etc. Just 6 months ago he started smoking pot, and he said he can count on 2 hands the number of times hes been drunk in the past 6 months.

    He went from drinking almost everyday to maybe once or twice a month.
  6. yea and the reason its a miracle. I'll tell you. imagine your smoking crack every day and you cant stop but you want to. So you find that smoking weed alleviates the need for smoking crack. So you start smoking weed and lets say you decide you wanna roll with the straightedges. So you stop smoking weed because its not really addictive. And damn, I just turned an addict free without rehab.yay me:hello: pat me on the back! I love me!:D:smoke:

    actually we should be patting weed on the back

    WARNING: The actual man behind this screen is insane. Do not attempt anything he talks about about.:D

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