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Something to take into consideration?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LegalizeHerb, May 19, 2009.

  1. I get my herb for between 300-350 a zip, its always dank and always atleast 28 grams,
    should i be satisfied with these prices? And remember we are talking PREMIUM herb, better then alot of the medical stuff around here. what do you think GC?
  2. If you like it then yes, i would never pay more than 300 a zip though
  3. I cant speak for the cali area but in the mid west medical grade goes for around that. Dispensaries sell ounces from $280-350, but when you get dispensary bud(at least for me) I know its organicaly grown and perfectly manicured. So the price is well worth it.
  4. its pretty good if you were to buy it from the club. in sac i can get an ounce of fire for around $240-260, and maybe some high mids for $170-190. from the club in sac it would be about $325-400 an ounce for fire. keep looking for more hooks. or maybe try to buy QP's from your guy and get more of a discount. :smoking:
  5. anymore opinions?
  6. I get mids for 50 an ounce, but only because the guy is an idiot and doesn't know he's selling mids. He still thinks hes selling schwag, but who am I to tell him otherwise.
  7. how long have you been gettin that? time decreases prices

    when you say "its always at least 28 g" that sounds like u sometimes get more...that is a pretty sweet deal in itself...some people always have to worry about getting less
  8. from where i am id say definitely. i mean if you want DANK where i am its over 400 an ounce.

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