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Something to smoke for fun?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by nacher7g, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. I'm looking for something I can roll up into a J and smoke that won't get me too blasted. I've tried smoking cigarettes but I just can't do it, knowing how many carcinogens I'm inhaling. Tastes and smells like shit too. I got some terrible dirt weed once, and that was fun to just sit back and puff. Barely got me high, but that's not really what I'm looking for. I rolled up holy basil into joints before, and that tasted and smelled great!

    Does anyone have any good herbs to smoke that won't take such a huge toll on the lungs and that won't get me high?

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  3. Check google....I always just smoke the marijuanas.....
  4. theres nothing out there dude. smoke some weed motherfuker
  5. Holy basil? Did you say you smoked holy basil? WTF?
  6. Weed fan leaves. Avoid the extra carcinogens from other plants, and don't really get high, while still tasting like bud. Might get some other cannabinoids out of it as well that also shouldn't really get you high either, but may be beneficial. Smoking any plant (or anyTHING for that matter) is going to put toxins into your lungs tho, so nothing will be 100% safe/healthy.
  7. It's not that uncommon

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    Fan leaves you say?
    That's actually a really good idea, thanks

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  8. You have native reserves around you?  Lot less chemicals than those big name brands.  Although you already don't like tobacco I say keep it that way, cigarettes are a terrible habit, trust me. 
    Shisha out of a hookah?...any type of smoke is not good for your answer, ecigs maybe.( :bongin:  :hippie:  :confused_2:  :hello:  :bolt: )
  9. Catnip, seriously. I smoked it for the first time last week and it really chills you out and makes you relaxed. People legitimately smoke it and it doesn't taste too bad, plus the smoke is easier to inhale than weed. Sounds like the perfect answer to your question.

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  10. Well you have some options, here are a few:
    And many more
  11. Interesting, yes. But still, I would rather go without than to try to find something fun to smoke. I tried that back in 1973 with a bowl full of seeds. Pop pop pop. cough hack puke.Not fun.
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    Pretty much any type of tea, I haven't done it myself but I've heard it tastes great if you use the right kind. Or, if you don't mind spending a bit more money, you could buy an e-cig. They come in lots of flavors and some of them come nicotine free.
  13. Lmfao are you serious bro lmao I think you had the placebo affect going on. Capnip don't do shit!

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  14. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413352921.808203.jpg

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  15. that's just crazy to me, I smoked it when I was like 12 and nothing happend

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  16. I thought you meant, "Which particular strain is the most fun to smoke?" Hell, they're all fun, the better they are, the more fun they are! I would say the purple strains are my favorite "just for fun." Nothing is simply more fun to smoke than pot. :smoking:
  17. Grow some purebred ruderalis plants, shit will get you so not high and still look like weed.
  18. Something like catnip. It gives me VERY relaxed mood too

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  19. catnip with lavender budlets

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